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Movie time: Life of Pi

Get to watch Life of PI Preview!
Thanks to Sis and Hong Peng‘s generosity for sharing!

Official Site: http://lifeofpimovie.com

Why did I like this show so much?
For those who just want to watch a nice show to relax over the weekend, you can just treat it as a fantasy show and enjoy the great animation effects. For those who enjoy movie with a twist, you might need to spend a bit of moment cracking your brain to digest the last part of the story.

The movie evolve around the life of an Indian boy, Piscine Molitor “Pi” Patel. At the first part of the show, it shows how he was mocked by his classmates over his name that sounds like ‘Pissing’, with great determination, he managed to change the views of others on him, and get them to call him “PI” (sound alike as the Greek letter “π”) instead.

At the second part of the story, it talks about his life when he is a teenage, how he believe in three different religions with great faith and fell in love… The relationship needs to end when there was a political changes in India and his family decided to move to Canada. On his journey to his new life, the ship met a storm and sink.

At the later part of the show, it shows how PI survived 227 days after the shipwreck on a lifeboat, in the Pacific Ocean, with a tiger named Richard Parker.

What makes me realised that the story is not just a simple fantasy show, happens only when the Japanese insurance agents questioned PI on the shipwreck. They found PI’s story too unbelievable, and insist he tell them the truth for their report. PI finally give them another story of the four survivors on the board and how it ended up with him alone.

I was expecting to watch a pure fantasy show with great animation effects, but it makes me see the reality of life. And with a bit of relief, in the last part of the story, the few characters actually choose to see the kindness in human nature, bringing us ‘Hope’.

His story makes me think that in everyone of us, there is an animal inside it.

Suddenly, I remembered a questioned that PI asked when the storm started and the ship is in danger “Who let all the animals out?” I wonder if PI actually see the ‘animal’ in the people on the ship, and thus asked the question….

This is a show you must watch in cinema, in 3D, with the new Dolby® Atmos™ sound system, the great visual and audio effects will make this your perfect movie experience! Seriously, whoever know me well know that I am not an audio person, as long as it doesn’t “sound too bad”, I am not fussy about the sound system. Thus I was quite surprise at myself that for once, I can sense the difference in how a sound system affecting my movie experience!

What’s so great about the Dolby® Atmos™ sound system? You can watch the below video to learn more.

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