Random: Amateur Blogger Checklist

Chatting with JL and I am suddenly inspired…
As an amateur blogger, I always tend to forget ‘something’. Thus, it’s better for me to come up with a amateur blogger checklist.

Things to bring:

  • Camera
  • Fully charged battery
  • Fully charged spare batteries (if any)
  • Empty storage card
  • Spare storage card with storage space (best if empty)
  • Fully charged camera mobile phone
  • Portable charger/batteries
  • Pen (in case there are lucky draw! kidding… it’s useful to exchange contact/fill in forms, etc)
  • Note book / Photos of any celebraties who attended the event (in case you can get close enough to ask for autographs)
  • Name cards
  • Smile
  • Thick skin (in case the person who sit beside you are just too shy/tired/simply unfriendly, just smile and be thick skin and talk to them)

If you are going for a full day event/multiple events on same day, and you either have a thick skin or pretty /handsome face with you, you can consider bring all the chargers along, so you can just charge your electronic equipments at the event venue.

What else did I leave out?

Just side track a bit. As mentioned in my previous post, the annual Singapore Blog Awards is back.
Nomination and registration is now till 10 May, followed by a voting and judging phase which will end in June. As a amateur blogger I can’t categories myself in any categories yet (Refer to Dummies’ guide to blog classification)… other than the W-T-H blogger, but WTH~ 

If you think you are good, just register yourself in~ If not, you can nominate another blogger whom you have been following (don’t lie to yourself, how can one claim he/she is a Singapore blogger without following other bloggers!). 🙂

Official website:
Official hashtag: #omySBA2013

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