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Food Review: AOne Claypot House

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When I first saw AOne Claypot House branch at NEX, I jokingly asked G, “Is AOne in any way related to 1A curry puff”. :X But nope… AOne and 1A are definitely not related in any way. AOne Claypot House is established in 2008 with over 30 stalls across major food courts in Singapore, currently, it has grown into 9 restaurants in Singapore.

I was glad to be able to join Sis and other friends to have a treat at AOne Claypot House @ Kallang Wave. Had previously eaten at the NEX branch before with G, but with just the two of us, there is limited dish on what we can order, so I am glad to have the chance to try out other dishes which I have been eying but no chance to eat!

Dried Scallop Porridge with Minced Meat & Assorted Eggs
When the first was first presented to us, we were a bit…”the menu photo looks much better leh”. But never judge a dish by its looks – the porridge is served with the egg mixed evenly inside the flavourful porridge. I am not a porridge person and usually will have my appetite halved when consuming porridge, but I can’t bring myself to reject a second helping this round <3.

Assorted Vegetables in Sambal Sauce
This assorted dish of eggplant, french bean, long bean, and lady finger, stir-fried with minced meat in sambal chilli sauce taste awesome! It will goes well with either porridge and plain white rice.

Pork Floss “Chai Po” Omlette
My poorly-taken photo in the hurry does not justify the taste of the dish. This simple dish taste like a home cook dish for me – can easily make one feel home sick, putting Pork Floss on top of eat is a new way of eating egg for me

Fish Maw Stuffed with Mince Meat in Fish Roe Sauce
Not something I had tried in other restaurant before, I always think fish maw taste a bit plain to me, but for this dish, I guess it helps to compliment the very “Q” meat.
Claypot Fish Maw with Crab Meat Thick Soup
Remind me of wedding banquet, now that most hotel do not serve sharkfin soup anymore, I certainly do not mind this soup as replacement 🙂 There are a lot of ingredient in the thick soup – unlike some restaurant, you will be full from the ingredient, not only from the soup

Steamed Chicken with Wolf berries & Chinese Angelica Root
Opps, the gravy is a bit oily, but I like that the taste of wolf berries ‘sinked’ into the chicken and we can taste the sweetness within it.

Deep Fried Big Prawns with Creamy Salted Egg Sauce
How sinful is a dish with creamy salted egg sauce? I decided to choose sin over weight for the day

Deep Fried Cod Fish with Dark Soy Sauce
The fish skin is really crispy but the meat is not dry at all! It’s so tasty we nearly want to order another it again (but give up as there are simply too many delicious dishes to try out). 

Deep Fried Fish with Creamy Salted Egg Sauce
Premium Claypot
The claypot is filled up with premium ingredients – abalone mushroom, scallop, sliced fish, prawn, fish maw and brocolli. Yummy~

Like the presentation of the flower tea 🙂

I especially love the claypot porridge, no wonder the restaurant dare to use the slogan “粥霸天下,香飘万家!”(Best claypot porridge in Singapore).

Do feel free to drop by in any of it’s branch for a nice homely meal 🙂

  • Junction 8 #01-49 Singapore 579837
  • Tampines 1 #05-04 Singapore 529536
  • Chinatown Point #B1-47 Singapore 059413
  • Jurong Point (JP1) #03-09 Singapore 648886
  • Nex Shopping Centre #B1-73 Singapore 556083
  • The Sports Hub – 1 Stadium Place #01-33/34 Singapore 397628
  • The Seletar Mall – 33 Sengkang West Avenue #02-14/15/16 Singapore 797653
  • Causeway Point – #03-31 Woodlands Square Causeway Point  Singapore 738099 
  • Suntec City Mall – 3 Temasek Boulevard, #B1-135 Suntec City Mall, Singapore 038983

 You can now enjoy 30% off the bill (terms & conditions apply) 
from 10.30am to 5pm at any of the above 9 branches

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