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Exercise Time: Income Eco Run 2017

I have stopped attending running event ever since I got pregnant.After Kpo Kia is popped, I have been contemplating if I should, or rather, if I can, attend anymore running event. After some calculation on timing + “negotiation” with Kpo Kia… Continue Reading →

2XU Compression Run 2014

It’s exercise time again!After slagging for months, I finally get to exercise my lazy bum again… but on the day after my wedding gown selection … is a bit… wrong timing 🙁 My legs are painful like mad and I… Continue Reading →

Exercise Time: NTUC Income Run 350 2013

March has been an eventful month for me so I decided to keep my April less busy…Next event I attending will be: NTUC Income Run 350 2013Date: 07 April 2013 (Sunday), 5.30amVenue: The Float @ Marina Bay Click to view… Continue Reading →

Exercise Time: 2XU Compression Run 2013

Ever since I realised I am aging and too lack of exercise, I tried to join as many running events as possible. I am too lack of self-initiation to exercise by myself, thus pumping in all my savings into events… Continue Reading →

Exercise time: Exploring Singapore

It’s been a long time since we last went out to cycling… Maybe because I am too new to cycle long path and G find it too un-challenging for him? Anyway, this round we decided to cycle from Tampines to… Continue Reading →

Exercise Time: Walking home

It’s a 3km walk from office back home, roughly 45 mins if I didn’t lost my way.Benefit: Reduce fat (I hoped so… ) + more opportunities to take photos. Didn’t really take more photos… rushing home to be maid today…. Continue Reading →

Photo time: East Coast Park

I have been singing the commercial song of Scott’s Emulsion which was once famous in the 90’s to G – whining to him that I have outgrown my clothings:Lyrics:衣服本來剛剛好怎麼現在扣不上桌子椅子那麼小小到门也钻不了成長成長我已成長司各脫鳘魚肝油陪伴我一起長大 (For those who do not understand Mandarin, this is my direct… Continue Reading →

Exercise Time: Brooks Run Happy Singapore 2012

Today is the day!It’s Brooks Run Happy Singapore 2012!Know the run from JC through Plurk and Sze when she is promoting the design of the medal, so decided to sign it up as my last running event for 2012. Guess… Continue Reading →

Exercise Time: OMWBH (On My Way Back Home)

Just suddenly feel like taking photos… one after another… I guess my passion for photography is still strong… On my way from office back home….Not artistic or what, but I love the sky… and somehow I feel the love from… Continue Reading →

Exercise Time: Run Free 2013

Are you joining Run Free 2013?I will be signing up for it. 🙂 I think it is a real cool event and certainly encourage everyone to join it. 🙂

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