Journey to slim down: is never easy

Ever since I realised I am outgrowing my working clothings, I have no choice but to make up my mind to go on ‘diet’… but my stomach always win my brain…

Found this on facebook, so fit my situation T__T

Today is my diet day 2, supposed to reduce on my carbo intake.
For lunch I had Mr Bean promotion set – Soya milk and the riceball soya beancurb.

It have a balance of carbo and protein… :X

Of course how I managed to survive on so little for lunch, is that I know what I will be having for dinner… G and me are supposed to go on ‘food tasting’ to find the perfect fruit cake…

My cappuccino Vs G’s Latte
Danbo: I also want to drink…


Baked sausages @ SGD$11.50. It actually taste nice and filling… just a bit too oily for someone on diet
Danbo: Look at me, not food! You are supposed to be on diet!


My main dish: Bakerzin Aged Fruit Cake @ $5.50/slice, rich with fruits..
Danbo: I want to have the first bite!


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  1. Sounds like a day of all healthy diet food. 😉

    ~J3ss1ca (Swap-Bot)

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