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Boost & Slide – Singapore’s Longest Street Water Slide

On 2nd April, over 3,000 people who pre-registered for the Boost & Slide event will be able to enjoy themselves playing on Singapore’s longest street water slide at the @ Biopolis Way – which is measuring over 108 metres in length and got itself into Singapore Book of Records!

Ready, Get Set, Go!

The free family-friendly event – Boost & Slide, is organised by Bayer, the brand owner of Redoxon, in conjunction with the new Redoxon Triple Action launched on 1st April 2017.

The slides in the event got into Singapore books of record for being Singapore’s Longest Street Water Slide  

Redoxon® is a one of the recommended brands when I first started to consume vitamin C supplements. Redoxon® Vita Immune Effervescent Orange tablets is my flavourite as I love watching it dissolved into a glass of cold water and turn into a tasty cup of “orange juice”. I personally don’t fancy Redoxon® Double Action thanks to the “zinc taste”, but love the taste of the new Redoxon® Triple Action. It brings together the benefits of vitamin C, D plus zinc to ensure a healthy immune function – but I can’t taste the “zinc taste” at all!

Boost & Slide event aims to offers great opportunities to share tips and knowledge on about maintaining a good immune system while having fun.

Common symptoms like colds, coughs and sore throats are on the rise in Singapore, and increasing one’s intake of essential nutrients (especially vitamins C and D) can help relieve the severity of symptoms and duration of the illness. Participants at the event will get to learn about the importance of self-care and encourage to take up the “14 days Self-Care Challenge”, to incorporate recommended daily habits towards a healthy lifestyle.

Pity Kpo Kia is shorter than the minimum 1.1 metre height requirement, and each slide allows only 1 pax for safety reason, thus Kpo Kia papa cannot carry her to play. Else I be able to see a giggling and screaming like mad toddler if she can get on the slide – Kpo Kia LOVE water play!

There are changing rooms provide on-site, but no locker facilities @_@ thus registrants are encourage to pack light.

Kpo Kia trying to be friendly to another toddler who can’t get on the slide too due to her height limit, both ended up hanging around the float area to play

Photo booth has become a MUST for events these days

Ultimate Vitamin Catcher – each pax are given 3 chance to catch the colored balls to win prizes~
I nearly got the blue ball but it “escaped” when I release it into the hole~ T__T

For more information on Boost & Slide, please visit www.boostandslide.com

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  1. THE LONGEST STREET WATER SLIDE sounds amazing! If I would get a chance to travel Singapore, I would definitely try this water slide. Thanks for the share.

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