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Pregnancy Journal: Old wife tales about pregnancy

Before I got pregnant, I was already filled with loads of old wife tales about pregnancy.
After I know I am pregnant, I begin to do my own research on more old wife tale, hopefully can help myself to learn which to filter and which to listen once we make the announcement to our family friends.

For some, I will take them with a pinch of salt, for some, since I am able to link them with some scientific reasons, will try to follow them as much as I can.

Some of the tales which I have heard of:

  • I am not supposed to sew anything on bed
    Reason: it’s possible for us to leave the needles/scissors on the bed and endanger ourselves accidentally, especially for preggy whose moment become slower and less flexible due to the extra weight
  • I am not supposed to renovate/nail anything at my house (luckily the renovation is over last year)
    Reason: renovation usually involve painting and dust which is definitely bad for healthy, as for the nailing – similar to the reason to why we are not supposed to sew on bed, if we steps on nails or etc on the floor, it’s especially dangerous for a preggy.
  • I am not supposed to paste anything on the wall (from my mother-in-law)
  • Drink coconut water will help to give birth of ‘clean baby’
    Reason: Actually this is not a reason, coconut water is fat free, has zero cholesterol, and increases the level of the HDL cholesterol. It is a natural diuretic and help to prevent urinary tract infection during pregnancy. So why not drink more?
  • I am not supposed to eat banana (from my mum)
  • I am not supposed to eat pineapple (luckily I don’t eat pineapple unless they are in pineapple tart form)
  • I am not supposed to visit places like temple/cemetery when I’m traveling in Bali (from my mother-in-law)
  • Take a silver ring and swing it around my palm, If it swings in a circle, I’m having a boy; back and forth indicates a girl.
  • I am not supposed to shower or wash my hair during confinement
    Reason: In the old days in China, weather can be very cold and ladies who just give birth, if touched too much cold water, might catch a cold and fall sick easily… but living in Singapore, a super hot and humid country, how many people will follow this? :X
What about you? What type of old wife tales have you heard before and are you going to follow them through?

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