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Pregnancy Journal: Waiting Game

Have started my maternity leave much earlier than EDD as I wish to have a break from the crowded peak hour train, and I thought she might like to come out earlier… but then… sometimes planning is just planning… she is still very comfortable lying inside my warm and spacious tummy so here I take my own sweet time to write this blog post…

What have I been doing these few days while on leave?

  • Doing a bit more housework compared to the past few months… did a lot of washing… of course using washing machine lah
  • Clean up the princess room and prepare for confinement lady sleeping area – unfortunately, we don’t have a proper mattress so she can only have a fold-able mattress, hope auntie won’t complain to me that she have a backache 🙁
  • Run errands – buy steralising tablets for the breast pump, and etc… I think if princess don’t come out soon, mummy will go bankrupt soon from the shopping
  • Decide and booked my post-natal masseuse lady
  • Decide and booked a newborn photography package for princess – I didn’t book one for maternity photography… have decided to saved up for princess instead 🙁 It’s really true when people say once you have a kid, your priority and spending habit will changed, so true…
  • Trim eyebrow
  • Catch up with friends
  • EAT like nobody business – I was sort of upset that princess still gained a lot regardless of how much I gained… so yah…
  • Provide whatsapp support for the team… haha… there will always be some moments when someone need to check with the guide dog on some legacy issues.
  • Walk a lot, and squat more, was told that this helps to ‘naturally induce’ the baby, but apparently it’s not working on my princess
  • Hunting for a ‘cheapo pot’ – never do I know this is the most difficult mission for my confinement… I don’t know what is the definition of ‘cheapo’ in the confinement lady and mum’s context, I think anything more than $20 is not worth the price just to boil something for a month to shower. So yah, you guessed it, I decided to stop hunting it from this moment onward

Can’t wait for princess to come out so I can hold her chubby hands and take photos with her and Mr G… waiting… waiting….

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