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Pregnancy Journal: Child-Birth Educational Course

And so the kiasu first time parents decided to take up the parenting course from Thomson ParentCraft Centre. Initially we want to book the lesson conducted by the famous ‘baby whisperer’ – Mrs Wong Boh Boi, but since we book the lesson a bit too late, we just settle on our preferred timing and have Ms Fonnie Lo as our course instructor.

Lesson 1

  • Antenatal Exercise
  • Nutrition Before & After Delivery
  • Myths & Traditions
  • Coping with Pregnancy Discomfort
  • Back Care & Postures
  • Instructional Video

Verdict after the lesson:
Frankly speaking, I forgotten almost all of the antenatal exercise steps after I left the venue, and a lot of information are available via other resources, but I think the videos are quite useful in giving us a guide on how much the baby eat and how much they should poo. Of course, these benchmark are just a guide and there is no hard and fast rule on what will happened on our baby, but instead of getting myself confused with the thousands of different versions and advise from random people, I will just assume what I learn in this course should be the ‘correct version’.

Lesson 2

  • Antenatal Exercise
  • Physiological Approach to Breathing Technique
  • Changes in Pregnancy Leading to Signs & Symptoms of Labour
  • Other Alternative Types of Pain Relief in Labour
  • Instructional Video

Verdict after the lesson:
I was very amused as we get to collect some ‘goodies’ before we starts the lesson, feels like it’s a promotion ground, but I love freebies, let alone those which come to us with no effort required. Forgetful me forgot the Antenatal Exercise steps as quickly as previous lesson, and with G joking around, certainly did not help anything but increase the level of distraction. I think it’s good to know signs and symptoms of Labour with more details in the course. As for the type of pain relief, most of them, I already heard in the other talks, so it’s not so interesting to me anymore. According to J, she say the Breathing Technique is very important during the labour process… but I forgotten most of it, maybe I need to revise and check with Ms Fonnie Lo again?

Lesson 3

  • Antenatal Exercise
  • Physiological Approach to Breathing Technique
  • Learning to Cope in Labour
  • Mechanisms of Normal Childbirth
  • Husband’s Role
  • Instructional Video

Verdict after the lesson:
I was pretty “traumatised” after the video… although I am very curious, I try not to watch labour related video as it’s all too ‘scary’ to me. But I was ‘forced’ to watch the videos of real labour process… I feel so ouch I told G that if I had watch the video earlier on, I will not agree to give birth. However, I can’t denied G’s view that it’s always good to know what we will be expecting, like what Ms Fonnie Lo been telling us, the more fearful we are, the more tense we get and the more painful we feel – resulting in more difficult labour process. Expecting the worst will help us to ‘relax’ and ‘reduce’ the pain.

Lesson 4

  • Hands-on Child Care
  • General Care
  • Skin Care
  • Diaper Care
  • Bathing
  • Coping with a Fretting, Crying Baby
  • Coping with a Sleepy or Wakeful Baby
  • Coping with Colic
  • Instructional Video

Verdict after the lesson:
To be updated later

Lesson 5

  • Breastfeeding
  • Feeding of Baby
  • Sterilization of Feeding Equipment
  • Weaning (introducing solid food)
  • Learning to Enhance your Child’s Physical & Mental Development

Verdict after the lesson:
Miss Rosalind is quite a friendly instructor and she patiently teach us how to swaddle the baby.

Each session usually ends with Q & A session, and Ms Fonnie Lo is very helpful and have lots of knowledge to share with us 🙂 In fact, since lesson 1, she already give us her contact number and tell us she is always available to clear any questions we have for us. 🙂

Doctor’s Talk (Lesson 6)

  • Problems associated with a Newborn
  • Process of Labour
  • Living with the In-laws
  • Transformation of Couplehood to Parenthood
  • How to Raise a Brighter Child
  • Dental Care during Pregnancy
  • Antenatal and Postnatal Health/Wellness by Thomson Chinese Medicine

Verdict after the lesson:
Haha. Finally finished the last session. The talk is sectored into 3 parts – and … not exactly following the agenda as per the pamphlets. Overall I like the first part when one of the PD (forgot his name) sharing with us on some tips on taking care of our newborn. The second speaker, leave a deep impression on me as in the content of his speech is a bit, exaggerate? 😛 Haha. The way he shared, we should only consume premium organic food in order for our baby to grow up healthy. It’s quite informative, but not practical in my own opinion. However, it serve as a good reminder. Unfortunately, when the third speaker from cordlife come up, we are too tired and decided to retreat for the day :X

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