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Exercise Time: NTUC Income Run 350 2013

March has been an eventful month for me so I decided to keep my April less busy…
Next event I attending will be:

NTUC Income Run 350 2013
Date: 07 April 2013 (Sunday), 5.30am
Venue: The Float @ Marina Bay

Race Category & Fees

This is the moment I feel a proud NTUC member, cos I save a lot compare to public T__T
But seriously, the running event these days are getting more and more expensive.

Race Flag-Off timings

  • 21km – 5.30am @ F1 Pit Straight
  • 10km – 7.00am @F1 Pit Straight
  • Kids Dash – 9.30am @ Singapore Flyer, Greek Threatre


This is JC’s 21km route… cool… I’m still too slow to try out anything more than 10km


This is my 10km route


350m kids dash route!

Event Day: 07-April-2013
Sad is when you happily thought you will be on time and realised your waiting time for the train is 7 minutes.

I always hate the waiting time for circle line… especially when I wish to be on time.

Clumsy me forgot to bring my headphone, so have to wait for G to pass me his spare earpiece at start point…
The flag off time is 7am, there is no second wave flag off… this is the first time the organiser kept bugging the runner to kick off because the ‘gate is closing’ @_@ I remembered in the past I need to take an hour to squeeze to the start point if I am too early … and I nearly broke into cold sweat when I feel the light drizzling while waiting for G. Luckily it stop very soon.

So stress when the ‘men-in-black’ keep asking me to enter the gate and start the run


It’s a cloudy morning, no beautiful sunrise.
But the good thing is, I can feel the wind blowing into my ears at part of the route – SHIOK (Slang for feeling great)!


The racing fee is getting more expensive every year,
wonder if our time chip also contain cash values like cashcard to deduct for the human ERP?


Either the cleaner are doing a great job or the runner are more conscious. Hope is the latter.


Recycle Vs Reuse


Was kidding with G my running distance is always longer because I tend to detour to take photos


Finally passed the 9km distance marker, but the finish point is no where in sight.
Finally….. Finishing point… nearly die

Most of route have quite a board pathway and not too crowded (but I guess mainly because I was late and most runner already finished their race) so I quite enjoyed the run, except certain part of the route, e.g. Geylang – where we need to run and breathe in the carbon monoxide emitted by the vehicles, and temptation of running across the road to catch a nice breakfast, most are nice, and “standard”.

One thing I like about the race is the hydration point 😛 there are total of 4 hydration point for the 10km run, I LOVE WATER~ and of course 100PLUS (although only two hydration point provide them). Also, I think using paper cups is the right way, just that G have doubts if they will really recycle the cups (which I hope they really will~). =)

JC proudly presented his 21km medal Vs my humble 10km.

Endomono reflected my ‘walking’ distance as 9.5km when I saw the 8km distance marker and 12km when I reached the end point. When I first show G my result history it suddenly become 9.56km @_@… but after I got home and checked, I saw the 12km distance again… wonder if my tired eyes are playing trick on me?

Bugs or  are my eyes playing trick?


Glad my result is not that bad – JC say thanks to the cooling weather, we all have a easier run. 🙂

Was going off for breakfast and I passed by the baggage counter… Shock to see that the bag deposit timing is 3.30pm-9pm… when did the run350 become a evening run? Thorough QC required. =)

Bag deposit can be done for the day before? Or after the morning run? 😛

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