Photo time: East Coast Park

I have been singing the commercial song of Scott’s Emulsion which was once famous in the 90’s to G – whining to him that I have outgrown my clothings:


(For those who do not understand Mandarin, this is my direct translation, please pardon me for my bad English)
My clothing used to be so fitting
Why can’t I buttoned them now?
The tables and chairs are getting smaller and smaller
Now I can’t even squeeze through the door!
Growing, growing, I’m growing up
Scott’s Emulsion
My growing companion…

G decided that we should go take a walk instead of going shopping malls to gain fats.

The sky is a bit dark and it rained a while before I leave my house to meet him.


Using dynamic filter on my Panasonic GF2,
trying to beautify the place and pretend I am not in Singapore


Like the feel of this scene, as if everything is so calm…


Walked by a lot of distance marker for Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2012
So feel like getting into photo and pretending that I had run for 25km



Our future…


Mummy, help me~


Sky is getting more and more cloudy



Don’t forget Danbo~ I am everywhere~!


I hope no one find me here….


It’s always good to find a hobby… better if you have friend(s) who enjoy the same hobby with you and is willing to accompany you enjoying this hobby. 😀

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