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Exercise Time: 2XU Compression Run 2013

Ever since I realised I am aging and too lack of exercise, I tried to join as many running events as possible. I am too lack of self-initiation to exercise by myself, thus pumping in all my savings into events (running events are getting more and more expensive!) force me to wake up early and move my lazy self to walk for 5-10km within certain time limit.

2XU Compression Run 2013
Date: 31 March 2013 (Sunday), 5.30am
Venue: F1 Pit Building

The event route – mine is in green~

Started the day with something amazing… Yah… CF dropped her bunch of keys into the gaps between the lift in the morning on her way to the running event~ ^&%^&$^#^#^$^&! I am amazingly clumsy~ Decided to proceed since I will not be able to get the keys out by myself and the maintenance guys will not be available at 5.30am in the morning anyway. T____T

I was late by 3 minutes – because I was busy taking photos =.=” and can’t join G and D for the first wave, and need to wait for another 15mins doing warm up, waving to the guests of honors, and doing human wave in the limited space we have =)

Zzz… second wave need to do warm up exercise 🙁
Morning sky… usually I will not see this because I am in love with sleeping

On my way, as usual, I will take photos of the rubbish thrown nearby the hydration booths:

While we busy complaining ‘FT’s, the FT cleaners are busy cleaning up our mess 🙁


Till today I cannot understand what is so difficult to throw the cups into the designated  dumping area?
And RIPs to the plastic cups

What suddenly shame me is:

Saw him along the 10km route if I am not wrong?

Yeah… I always thought those photos with ‘motivational stories’ are some edited photos, never did I thought I will seen a guy running in this equipment (I don’t know what is the exact term for it) in my real life… BIG KUDOS to the guy. I know for sure I will not be able to do something like this if I were him (being a famous whiner). Suddenly I tell myself I should count my blessing. =)

Finally seeing the 7km distance marker soon…
(it shown as 7km on my Endomondo but I only get to see the marker 700m later T_T)
Finally I see the Finishing point!!!

At night, when ‘stalking’ C on her post of the 2XU Compression Run, I have another amazing discovery!

Half marathon medals given out at 10km run end point @_@
wonder what did the half marathon runners get?

Guess what?! I was distributed the half marathon medal by mistake =.=” Jokingly told G I “deserved” it because of the amount of time and energy I used is equivalent to those runners who are doing their 21km T__T

Looking forward to next run (to walk): Run 350 2013

[Updated] Just now D told me, he saw the blade runner in a couple of running events, usually at 10km run. And he saw a couple of blind runners for the 2XU run also. Cool… I need to open my eyes when I run next time, and … reminded to self: If others who have physical conditions did not give up on life, I have no rights to do so.

[Updated again]
Haha! Got my lousy result.

Don’t ask me why is it 11km T_T

Hope I will be able to achieve a better result on this coming Sunday for Run 350.

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