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2XU Compression Run 2014

It’s exercise time again!
After slagging for months, I finally get to exercise my lazy bum again… but on the day after my wedding gown selection … is a bit… wrong timing 🙁

My legs are painful like mad and I typically need to limp to the starting point.

OMG! Old school timing chip… it’s been at least 3 years since I last use such time chip


Can you spot G drinking his milo? =.=”


Where are we looking? Away from the starting point!


There’s not many occasions when I will wake up early to see the dawn


We missed the first wave so now queuing for the second wave, David claim he saw people finishing their 10km already! =.=”


As usual… litters created everywhere in running event


Love the sun! Egg yolk raising


How come it took so long for me to reach the 4km mark?!


People sitting on lorry laughing at us running like a coolie… 🙁


I pretty like this “wall-art”, can you guess where is this?



Everyone need a rest


The flyer again! What’s more attractive to me? The water station actually!


2 more KM! So near and yet so far!


Unpleasant sight… wonder if this happens in other countries as well?


Found a horse! Can I ride it to the finish point?


Glad to meet up with the weirdos!~ David is the winning of the day… among us!


Meet up with JC! He is crazy! Backache still finished his 21KM! Well done though!


OMG! I took 2hour + to complete 11.73km?!! Hahaa… I forgot to off my app lah… so sad result. Demoralised liao. 🙁

This year 2XU compression run experience is less pleasant than last year. Although I must stress I LOVE the east run. I took less than an hour to reach the start point from home (also luckily me not much waiting time on my way to the event). The race pack collection is suddenly changed to Changi Point and falls on the same week as the running event. This makes a lot of people only able to collect the race pack on Saturday since Thursday and Friday the collection timing is only till 8pm and people (especially me) will have a challenge running over. 🙁

For the amount we paid, the goodies from the race pack is pathetically sad… (Yes, I’m cheapo!), expect at least another pair of socks or water bottle which we can use in the event.

The cut off time is only till 9am but a lot of people might not be able to finish the run by 1.5hour (assume I am a slow runner who only managed to get to the start point at 7.30am).

But I love the cooling towel which was given to us after the run, really help us freshen up a lot 🙂

[Updated on 2014-03-04] 
I got my result! I finished my 10km in 1hour 33minutes, not a very graceful result, but consider acceptable consider I did not do any practice/exercise ever since my last running event last year. Target to get a better result for my Run350 run 🙂


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