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My third COVID-19 experience log 第三次新冠确诊备忘录 Day 3 till recovery

10 December 2023 . Day 3 . 第3天

I need to confess.

I had a great Sunday.

It’s been a long time since I woke up to myself, with no one to hurry or nag about. I love the feeling of waking up naturally (自然醒).

I regret not appreciating such simple things in life in the past…. Oh yah, maybe because before marriage my mum will be busy nagging me to wake up by late morning. LOL!

Kpo Kia papa must think I’m sick because I lack of food so he kept feeding me with snacks. Since my appetite is back, he been feeding me 1.5 portion of food every meal, till the weight I accidentally lost got gained back. 🙁

Kpo Kia started to keep coming into the room and chat with me, sometime spying if I was snacking.

Kpo Kia papa also started to psycho me to come out from ‘self-isolation’ since my in-laws rejected them from having the routine visit. LOL.

But… but… I enjoyed my freedom so much! I will be better if I have more energy instead of keep dozing off to clear my personal backlogs.

I also drag myself to attend to some work, so I will not swarm by sea of work backlogs when I go back to office.

11 December 2023 . Day 4 . 第4天

Another peaceful morning when I get to wake up after sufficient sleep.

I clean up myself before taking risk to waste another ART…. but guess what? I turned negative!

So yah, my first COVID infection took 10 days to turn negative, but my second and third infections took 4 days to turn negative.

Interestingly, the symptoms for each infection got worse than the previous one in the initial stage, not sure if it is attributed to the weaken immunity.

Once I confirm I’m negative, I started to clean up the room which was infested with my COVID virus. I am too tired to move the mop around, and choose to kill the virus with different type of disinfectant sprays.

I continue to attend to more work since I am feeling slightly better…. till late night, or rather, early morning… by then… I felt so drained and tired by my work, that I feel it sucked up all the energy I restored from my ‘COVID break’.

12 December 2023 .

It’s post-COVID Day 1.

I am back to the rushing routine although I am still on MC, I refused to work …. but still stucked in a 1.5 hours meeting despite me pretending I am not working.


As like what the elderly say “穷人家可以死,不可以病” (those in poverty can die but cannot sick), so I will just continue to live my ‘poverty life’.

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