Is Singtel trying to challenge Skype and WhatsApp or it’s subscribers?

Heard from sis that there are sayings on Singtel expressing it’s intention to charge its subscribers for using whatsapp and skype. I was like “SERIOUS?“, and start googling on the news for it to confirm if this is just some silly rumors or some silly choice made by Singtel.
Unfortunately I get to read more on this topic here: Singtel chief calls for right to charge challengers Skype and WhatsApp and here: What telcos angsty about OTT players can do.

Singtel provide a service for subscriber who ‘do not have data plan’ but wants to use whatsap Pass… but they don’t provide any plans without data bundle in the first place!

Somehow I was wondering if Singtel is trying to challenge the over-the-top players or us – its subscribers.
Just because it is the number one player in Singapore it can easily “abusing its power”, e.g.
reduce our data bundle from 12GB to 2GB when we re-contract our data plan from 3G to 4G, claiming this enable a “more balanced and fair data distribution, ensuring that everyone enjoys a faster and better mobile experience”, and that “90% of their subscribers should not expect incur higher charges as their data consumption does not exceed the new bundles” (the other two telcos follows suit immediately after it’s announcement on this decision)

SERIOUS? What makes them think that just because the network is faster, the data usage will be lower? In fact, anyone with a logical mind will know that this will definitely work the opposite!

Now, it’s trying to charge us – it’s subscribers, for using the over-the-top service just because it is not earning the amount of profit it wishes to…

SERIOUS? I won’t be surprise if it will announce more new plans to short-charge us – with the other two telcos follow suits immediately, which organization wouldn’t welcome an “income opportunity” to be able to charge for a Free service when it didn’t even need to spend an effort (other than convincing the subscriber that they ‘deserve’ the extra bonus)?

To think that I finally just get over the annoying experience with Singtel recently… very very disappointed with this announcement.

[Updated on March 2014] 
Singtel had take back their words and “clarified” that “charging  WhatsApp and Skype for delivering its services over telcos’ broadband networks was not the only solution”.
You can read more on:–skype-for-network-usage-030719966.html

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