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Experience the Magic of Bluey’s Big Play At Singapore’s Sands Theatre

We had the pleasure of joining sis for a spectacular evening at Bluey’s Big Play. This live theatre show is an theatrical adaptation of the beloved Australian Emmy® award-winning children’s television series. We love how it featuring brilliantly created puppets that brought the beloved characters to life.

The best part about “Bluey’s Big Play” is that it’s friendly for all ages. Our entire family thoroughly enjoyed the night. Initially, Kpo Kia was a bit fussy, throwing a tantrum. However, by the middle of the show, she was completely engrossed, captivated by the charming puppets and the engaging storyline.

After the performance, we also get to participate in games of “Keepy Uppy” – one where several air filled balls are released into the audience, and another with bubbles. Although our seats were not in the prime location for catching the balls, the attentive staff made sure to push the balls towards areas where it was less convenient to walk around, ensuring everyone had a chance to play and join in the excitement.

Bluey’s Big Play
Dates: 13 – 23 June 2024
Duration: Approximately 50 minutes (with no intermission)
Venue: Sands Theatre

“Bluey’s Big Play” is a must-see for any fan of the show and a perfect family outing that promises to create wonderful memories for everyone. Get your tickets now and join Bluey and the Heelers for an unforgettable adventure!

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