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Hello 2024

My 2023

My 2023 is a tough year. All the effort for the past year projects does not earned me a promotion (actually, I am more upset about not having the increment that is proportional to my deliveries), over quite a ridiculous reason. I got COVID third time at the last month of 2023, caused me missing out on a lot of precious time for my own personal tasks and more catching up on the already heavy workload.

Things are not going the way I wish it goes, but I survived!

 Review and Reflection

Let me cut the complains and review my 2023 progress vs my 2023 resolutions:

  1. Check Kpo Kia school bag for undone homework instead of depending on her to “confess”. Revised her spelling and 听写 with her.
    Side note: Need to research more interesting ways to make her learning less “dry”.
    – I would say I am more hardworking this year, but still not consistent enough. Maybe I need to put this under my habit tracker?
  2. Plan an activity (baking, science experiment, etc?) with Kpo Kia at least once a quarter – to draft out each plan and date by the first week of the quarter.
    – What happened to my 2023? I totally missed this out.
  3. Pack own cooking/food for lunch at least once a week.
    – I am definitely more hard working but I’m not sure if I managed to achieved 52 meals this year, another item to add on to my habit tracker.
  4. Research for recipes that can be prepared in advance and consumed for a few days.
    – Ding ding!~ Yes, I managed to do this! Will need to shop for ingredients suitable for pre-cooked soon!~
  5. Plan in advance on what food to cook for the week and buy them at one go to reduce wastage of time and trips.
    – Hmmm…. I am still pretty bad at planning this, usually the earliest I can do is one or two days in advanced, and a lot of time I will change in between, causing me to spent more time cooking than expected. Tsk Tsk. Something to take conscious effort to change.
  6. Cut down on unnecessary spending, but not ill-treating myself. I need to replenish out-of-shapes clothing and expired items with decent-quality ones.
    – I will say I am at least 50% there… Sometimes I still feed myself with expired food, but I started to minimise them and spent more on more suitable sizing food. I rather spent more than create food waste. As for the clothings… arghhh. So hard to get new cloths I like.
  7. Increase my assets by 5%.
    – I guess not spending on unnecessary things like having restaurant frequently and senseless shopping helps. And T-Blls! I love it, good for people who have low risk appetite like me.
  8. Read more financial management information.
    – I think I have been slacking on this ever since John Clang told me I may not try too hard on investment. Probably still good to learn more if I have chance… And that means less binge Netflix/Youtube/Game time~ 
  9. Read more on RFID/IIoT.
    Possible ways to log them: Share on LinkedIn, Blog them down as notes.
    – I lost focus on this as my work project scope changed. But I still got excited when I come across such info. These days I try to spam share on LinkedIn as well 🙂 with information I like to keep as records so I will be able to find them. LOL
  10. List down all backlogs at beginning of every month. Stock take and archive them except the more important 10 items.
    – I need to confess I failed badly at this. Need to focus on 2024!
  11. No more stress over fancy layouts for my bullet journal. Since I can’t do them the “artistic way” to keep myself motivated, I will go simple – list them down and check off them as soon as possible.
    – I thought using the thin/slim notebooks allows me to bring it everywhere, but I overlooked at the fat I will need to combine a few books to have a proper overview, ended up it got so scattered and I sort of give up bujo-in even without the fancy layout. 
  12. Be consistent:
    – Spare one day to declutter my stuff every month.
    – Spare one day to back up and delete not meaningful photos/files every month.
    – Post at least once – every Sunday on IG.
    – Post all food logs on XHS.
    – Post recipes sharing on IG and Blog.
    – Nah. Failed badly too! Probably the only consistent thing I managed to achieve is posting food log on XHS, and posted once on IG at least once biweekly.

My achievement and gratitude for 2023

I have to feel grateful that my family and loves one are still around me. I may not made new friends in current company, but my just realised I had friends of 25 years of friendship from my first job! And a few more great friends who bear with me for over 15 years. I feel blessed. Kpo Kia and Kpo Kia papa are also with me, although there are a lot of times we feel annoyed by each other, we still love each other, that is most important.

Oh yah! I am so overjoyed when I received a direct message from Pan Pacific Instagram account to ask me for permission to feature my post.

It’s quite an old post so I didn’t expected to be featured in anywhere. I feel like this is an recognition after my previous feature in Marina Bay Sands’ 2022 calendar. Although there are other photos which may seem more awesome, I am glad I eventually got featured.

My 2024 resolutions

For my 2024 resolutions, I would like to keep them as achievable as possible.

  1. Be consistent in:
    • Update my Bujo daily
    • Social Media account posting
    • Overseeing Kpo Kia to do her homework daily
  2. Work hard means need to play hard right? Doesn’t need to be expensive play. Hope I can:
    • Have a family trip at least once overseas
    • Found a game I like but will not suck in too much time
  3. Healthier life:
    • Do not gain weight
    • Pack own cooking/food for lunch at least once a week – less oil, less fried food
    • Apply skin care products diligently
    • Use up all my massage package
  4. Improve my finance management:
    • Increase my assets by 5%.
    • Keep track of my investment
    • Able to afford more allowance for the family
  5. Improve my knowledge, area to catch up on includes
    • Project management
    • UI/UX
    • Able to present myself clearly in speech and writing
  6. Make my presence more visible
    • Do not just repost on LinkedIn, but is able to repost with a thought, or even best, create own posts
    • Post on other social platform with content that have more substances
    • Share what I learnt on my blog
  7. Moving forward
    • Do not be too conscious of what colleagues complaint about me. Believe in myself, especially when it comes to something I know is good practices, even if it’s not treasurable in the eyes’ of today Gen-Z kids.
    • Try not to owe others any flavors, payback is never easy.
    • Reflect but don’t dwell in the past.

Random thoughts

Sharing my top 9 Instagram photos for 2023! I thought I posted more, but not sure why the last 2 photos looks so similar.




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