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My third COVID-19 experience log 第三次新冠确诊备忘录 Day 2

09 December 2023 . Day 2 . 第2天

I guessed I slept too much the day before, so I woke up at around 7am. I quickly brush teeth and clean up so the toilet have at least 2 hours of ‘cooling period’ for the virus to dies off before Kpo Kia and papa woke up. I watched videos on social media platform and etc for a while and dozed off again. I don’t think I have fever anymore but I felt tired constantly and keep dozing off. Kpo Kia was amused to keep seeing me in my bed whenever she peeped in.

I did a very stupid and shameless thing today…

I called the clinic I went the day before and check with them how can I get extended medical certification for my COVID symptoms since this round it’s pretty serious. The clinic advise me make a trip back to visit the doctor again but I thought it defeat the purpose of my ‘self isolation’, thus I asked if I can do tele consultation. The lady at the other end sounded hesitant for a while but gladly reply me that I can do that too. Not realising my company coverage does not include teleconsultation anymore, I was shocked by an invoice with over $66!

I was so shocked that I woke up from my dozy mode and called the clinic to question about it. Apparently the company had ‘learn to live with COVID’, and decided that there’s no need for us to self isolation. After realising my stupid mistake, I beg the clinic to let me ‘return’ the medication I requested for, although there is no way I can waived off the $22 teleconsultation fee.

Lesson learnt, always at least scan through all the newsletter the company sent, no matter how spamy they looks like…. and remember to double check and triple check whenever it comes to company claims.

It’s funny how I feel not so hungry but yet able to finish a whole portion of meals these 2 days.

I felt slightly better today, perhaps due to the rest I caught up thanks to my fever.

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