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Restaurant Asia 2021, International Coffee & Tea Asia, Café Asia 2021, and Sweet Bakes Asia 2021

After almost two years of hiatus due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Singapore finally host its first physical F&B symposium and tradeshow. From 18 to 20 November 2021, 113 exhibitors and brands from 12 countries had showcased their machinery, equipment, and ingredients in Restaurant Asia 2021, held in conjunction with International Coffee & Tea (ICT) Asia 2021, Café Asia 2021, and Sweet Bakes Asia 2021.

These shows have come together to offer a one-stop convenient sourcing hub for the F&B, coffee, tea, and bakery industries. Trade professionals and members of the public can foster new collaborations, explore opportunities, and learn best practices and the latest trends and developments in the F&B, coffee & tea, and bakery industries.

Digital Transformation in Food & Beverages sector

Kitchen technology has transformed over time, and Technology and innovation will continue to transform the way kitchens operate in the future. The show empowered visitors with invaluable insights on productivity, capability development, and leveraging on relevant technologies to future-proof the F&B business.

Upon entering the exhibition hall, visitors are greeted by a bevy of roving smart robots. These robots are tasked with responsibilities such as air purification, ushering the visitors between the exhibition zones, and even acting as the safe distancing ambassadors!

Supplier Opportunities in Food Service

The Republic of Indonesia is the show’s official country partner this year. Visitors get to know more about its strength as an important ingredient supply chain for F&B, coffee, and tea industries at its pavilion.

Sarawak and Singapore share similar goals in seeking food security and Sarawak is an important new source of food supplier for Singapore.  The Sarawak Trade and Tourism Office Singapore (STATOS) not only shares the diverse range of Sarawak products available from Sarawak; but also some fun facts about the various cities and towns within it (to promote their tourism). Displayed under their pavilion includes the wide range of consumer food and lifestyle products made in Sarawak. Some of them are already available in Singapore but others such as Bakery Fats and Terung Asam (sour eggplant) are seeking first-time export contracts.

I won a pack of MUSC Curry Chicken Paste, also available from Wak Wak Market in the short quiz.

Pontian noodle is no stranger to Singapore. The Homie brands under Pontian Noodles Manufacturing Sdn Bhd carries a range of vacuumed packed and low temperature air-dried noodles. Vacuumed packaging helps the noodle to maintain its freshness, pro-longing the food shelf life; and Air-dried noodles are healthier than fried noodles because they have a lower amount of fat.

Art of Siphon Coffee

I was glad to attend the UCC Siphon Coffee Demonstration by Elaine Wong – Hong Kong Siphonist Campion 2015. This is the first time I watched a siphon coffee brewing took place. I can smell the coffee aroma from a distance from the Siphon coffee maker as the brewing process took place.

Learned that the Siphon brewing method enhanced and made the coffee aroma more intense. It will produce a vibrant-tasting coffee that cannot be imitated by a drip brewer. We’ll also get a clean cup of coffee with no crema, or trace of the coffee grounds left in the bottom of the cup after we finished it.

Sustainability in the foodservice industry

Many companies in the foodservice industry have realized the importance of developing the tools and resources necessary to create more sustainable products. Reducing energy and water usage, and increasing recycling and efficiency will be the next big thing in F&B sector.

During the event, Melanie Phua, Managing Director of UCC Singapore, shared with visitors how UCC group did its part in contributing to sustainability in the foodservice industry. It includes reducing waste and producing recyclable packaging, and co-development with producing countries to produce Fairtrade Coffee.

To effectively buffer from supply disruptions, Singapore aims to produce 30% of its nutritional needs by 2030. Just Produce, a Singapore-based company that grows vegetables locally here in Singapore is one of the exhibitors in the show. Through them, we learned that by reducing food miles, vegetables can have a longer shelf life.

This is the 5th year I had attended Café Asia events. I personally find it fascinating to learn how technology and innovation evolved in the F&B industry over these years.


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