Phase 3.1 HA Day 3

2021-06-16 – Wednesday

Today is Sis‘s birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MY DEAR SISTER~

Today meal:

  • Lunch: Fish and Chips
    Kpo Kia papa decided to give me a treat and went to Compassone to get me Bak Chang (glutinous rice dumpling). Since he is going into the mall, we have more options to choose from for our lunch.
  • Dinner: Bak Chang
    Kpo Kia Papa bought two Bak Chang, so I happily opened both and attempt to finish them. It’s then I realised I am too old and have difficulty finish two by myself. Aging sux. I used to be able to finish 3-4 Bak Chang in a row….

Language is an art

M shared a joke with me. She requested to loan a few “Android devices” from another team, and got shocked when she received them. Because she did not request “Android devices with chargers” in her email, it comes without any cables/chargers!

That is amusing!

Reminds me of the many miscommunications between Kpo Kia papa and me in the past. He always claimed it’s due to me not giving him specific requirements. I guess these days, people are more afraid to ‘give too much’, and resorted to ‘not giving unless requested’. Perhaps it’s time for me to master this skill, or speak in a language that allows others to understand better. What do you think?

Popeyes App

S shared with us some lobangs for Popeyes Singapore:

  • New Popeyes SG App users receive 2pcs of chicken (worth $7.80) and a $5 welcome voucher. Sign up with my referral code: WPAF25889 on the sign-up screen to be entitled to this promotion~
  • From 18 – 20 June 2021, pre-order 5 pieces of fried chicken, and collect between 21 – 30 June 2021, at the promo rate of S$7.90!

Frankly speaking, I find that the app still has quite a lot of room for improvement:

  • Although I download the app using S’s referral link, it is not auto-populated in the sign-up screen when I sign up. I need to manually key it under the “Referral Code” field.
  • It keeps prompting me to clear the cart whenever I used the ‘back’ button on my Samsung phone to navigate between the screens. Unfortunately, the ‘back’ button on the app is not prominent thus explained my behaviour.
  • It only accepts credit card payments! Not using my credit card for a while, I had forgotten the card details and struggled to authorise the payment on the spot
  • After I made the payment, I was welcomed with a blank screen! Tapping on my phone’s ‘back’ button prompted me again if I want to leave and risk having my cart cleared. Had to check my email that I had received the receipt before restarting the app. Luckily I eventually got to the screen that shows my order number. *PHEW*.

Share with me what’s your experience when you download the app (do sign up with my referral code!). >__<

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