Phase 3.1 HA Day 4

2021-06-17 – Thursday

Kpo Kia papa needs to go back office, so you can guess what’s for my lunch right?!

Today meal:

  • Lunch: Instant mee
    I had initially wanted to cook cauliflower rice but is too lazy~ So I ended up with instant mee again, with an additional side dish. It’s good~
  • Dinner: Burger King Tendergrill chicken burger
    Kpo Kia papa had craving for Burger King burger, so yeah… not much choice from the Grab app.

Today is quite a productive day. Get quite a lot of stuff done – both work and personal. Left 2 3 backlogs. And I even get to exercise on Ringfit for a while.

Way to go to clear more stuff! Gambatte~

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