CB-Free Tuesday!

Today is the first day CB was lifted!~

Finally, we are back to normal, but the norms now is no longer the norms before Jan 2020.

The last time I was jobless, I was pretty happy to rot around, and roam around at times, now, I am too lazy to leave the house, and when I do, I am too paranoid about everyone around me, LOL!

I miss the days when I can happily celebrate my jobless days, and roam around freely to hunt for yummy food I like, but gone were these days.

With the situation in Singapore currently, I will probably need to survive without a proper job for the next 6 months, probably up to a year. This means I need to be watchful of what I am spending on, and probably need to pick up new skills again. Actually I love to take courses, “Lifelong learning” is not just a tagline for the gahman, but also my tagline. I sort of regret not studying hard enough for my Secondary schooldays onwards, but I am pretty sure if I got into JC, it’s highly unlikely for me to find true friends like my polytechnic pals. 22 years after graduation, and we are still friends, who truly care about each other.  Opps, back to the course, I had wanted to fully make use of the SkillFuture fund for eldershield (I had crossed the big 4-Os~~) folks like me, but firstly, I am not sure what course I would like to take on, and secondly, despite the lifting of CB, we are still in ‘Phase 1’ – in another word, means, not-really-safe-from-covid19-but-life-has-to-go-on-for-us-to-survive.

I am very happy to enjoy the peace without Kpo Kia in the day time, and get to pack my messy room to get rid of some clutters. Somehow, no matter how much I clean up, the next round of cleaning, there will be at least a BIG bag of trash laying in my room waiting to leave the house for rubbish chute.

Anyway, today Kpo Kia must be overjoyed from the fact that she can get back to school, she slept before 10pm~~ *Popper popping*

As for me, I think I need to start thinking of how to cut down my weight so I can squeeze back into my ‘semi-formal office wear’ when I have the chance to wear them.

Today meals:

Breakfast: Old town white coffee

Lunch: McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish

Teabreak: Mr Bean 3-in-1 riceball

Dinner: Butter Garlic prawn with Ti Huang Miao and Egg

Today new cases: 544

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