Phase 3.1 HA Day 2

2021-06-15 – Tuesday

The second day of Phase3.1 HA.

Today meal:

  • Lunch: Indomee
    I had wanted to go out for a meal before I head back to the office. But just when I was preparing to go out of my house, I remembered we still cannot dine out! So I prepare a quick lunch using the microwave and out I go!
  • Dinner: Teriyaki Salmon Rice with Onion ring
    Knowing Kpo Kia will happily finish more than half portion of the rice, I ordered an additional side so I will not be too hungry

Back to the office!

It had been over a month since I last went back to my office. In fact, I had not been stepping out much unless Kpo Kia papa is fetching me around. Since there are too many touch points on public transport, I really try to avoid it at all cost. Am I too Kiasu and Kiasi?

I was jokingly telling M.A. that I might forget the way back to the office when we set the meeting last week.

Guess what? I literally forgot to way! First, I nearly forget to take out my ez-link charm to tap when boarding the bus. Second, I attempt to pass through the face recognition system with my mask on at the entrance of the office. Then, I forgot to keep my phone when I pass through the security scanning machine.


Wonder if I can adapt to 9 hours of office time when Phase3.2HA (or Phase3.3HA?) kicks in, and all of us need to return to the office.

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