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Hello 2021

2020 is really an eventful year. Too many things happened, and happened too fast thanks to COVID-19.

Before I rant like a naggy aunty, let me first review my progress in 2020 based on my previous year resolutions:

  • Need to start an education routine for Kpo Kia (and me) – she is in K1 this year, and will soon step in Primary school in 2 years time. Her writing is … zero. Cannot compare to my friend’s kids, or even her peers. Sad to say we can’t educate our one and only kid till now. Probably need to sign her up for course, and allocate more time with her on learning.
    – OMG, I am still too slack to do anything about her school work. Good thing is, under the care of her K1 teachers, she started to learn how to write. However, her writing is just limited to things she is interested, like spelling out ‘I love you’ on card to family and friends. 
  • Complete my setup for my bullet journal at least one week in advance. I probably need to include my weight tracker and gym tracker as well? Guess I will give up on those pretty fanciful setups, which always ends up in disaster for my every attempt. KISS, CF!
    – Hmm… I sort of behind on my bujo when I was busy with the migration project at beginning of the year, and after I started my course. Need to buck up! Nope, I am not giving up bujo like what I did to scrapbooking T__T
  • Self-care is a priority this round. I need to slim down, take care of my age spots (sad die me, I am only in my early 40s leh, but have so much age spot… *wails*), probably need to start cooking for my lunch so I will take less oily outside food.
    – Haha, unfortunately ever since CB, I have been busy cooking sinful food. A lot of instant food, a lot of fried food, a lot of baking (OMG, I only realised how much sugar I had been pouring into those pastries after I finished a pack of them during CB period.
    Need to revive my overnight oats since I am not working now and Kpo Kia Papa starts going back office more frequently. 
  • Need to start to manage my finance. Keep track of my expenses, and save more. Reminder to self, I have aging parents, a young dependent, and myself to take care of. My job is not very stable (yes, the company won’t bankrupt, but my contract position may or may not be extended since…. 一言难尽).
    – Unfortunately, I had not been working since ‘May the force be with you’. I had a burnout and had been hesitating to take on another job till now. I guess I had enough rest and it’s time to go back to the workforce rather than waiting for something to happen. Finances-wise, I had been spending more than I earn (eh… because I did not have income for over half a year?). I managed to earn a few free meals through retail bonds and stocks with Kpo Kia Papa and Sis’s help, not bad, quite happy with my achievement.
  • Need to give more time and show more concern to my loves one
    – Haha, I thought I did, probably I can do better.
  • Need to catch up with my backlogs, or remove them from my backlogs 😛
    – Glad that I managed to clean up quite a fair bit of my blog. I sort of giving up on the backlogs, better move forward then keep looking back. But I had made a mental note to clear things from my plate asap so I don’t keep seeing backlog.

Ok… back to ranting on my 2020. It’s a year:

  • I got suck into a migration project again at the beginning of the year… things were moving so fast, I was stretched beyond what I thought I can do. I begin to admire my own capability. LOL!
  • COVID strike us! People are treating this virus too lightly and BOOM~ It’s quite an interesting year… I had not spent so much on masks since 2013 when the haze was so bad that we can’t see clearly. We can’t travel and have to minimize interactions with others because the virus can spread fast and furious. We experienced CB (circuit breaker) and survived it. Kpo Kia nearly killed me thanks to COVID.
  • Kpo Kia got glued. I was quite upset and angry, but amazingly I am able to keep my calmness.
  • I can bake! I amazed myself with the food I managed to get out of my oven and air fryer! Haha!
  • On 30th Dec 2020, my beloved and most trusted Samsung Note 9 died on me!!! This is the first time since I first installed WhatsApp, to live through a New Year without WhatsApp! I can’t install WhatsApp on my Samsung S6 backup phone as the backup did not manage to get through so I need to pray hard my hospitalised phone will be revived with my data.

So what’s next? As usual, time for my resolution sharing (which almost never fulfilled)~

  • Managed to sign Kpo Kia up for a Chinese class, next is to sign her up for Swimming, and probably one more class?
  • Complete my Business Analytics course with minimal hiccups, I have enough drama in class.
  • Complete my setup for my bullet journal at least one week in advance. This time I have included a monthly weight tracker and daily sleep tracker. Let’s see how it works.
  • Self care is a definitely important this year. My eczema have made a return, and this time it even attacked my hands. Need to
    • slim down
    • slow down the growth of age spots
    • eat less oily/sweet/saltish food
  • Increase my saving. Learn more about investment. And get a stable income.
  • Be more patient and more generous in time and money to my loves one
  • Minimised backlogs. Clear as much stuff out of my small brain as soon as possible.
  • Backup my phone monthly to minimise any possible damage.

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