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Hello 2020~

Good Bye to Year 2019
Bye Bye 2019!
Hello to Year 2020
Happy New Year 2020!

As usual, let me review my progress in 2019 based on my previous year resolutions:

  • Need to do more activities with Kpo Kia – she is turning to 4 in few months time but still not toilet trained and lacking in a lot of ways, so I think it’s time for me to stop slacking and start making her life more interesting
    – We started to toilet trained her, really feel like pulling all my hair out whenever she went to public toilet… don’t think anyone will be interested in the details, but I am trying to keep my sanity by ensuring I have my hand sanitizer and toilet cleanser spray around me whenever I bring her to toilet. I just need to remember to bring them regardless of the bag I bringing for the day, and she just need to stop asking to go toilet whenever we start eating… I think, soon things will get better…. soon.
  • Be determined in doing up my bullet journal and make it ‘instagram-able’. Nope of my craft or photos is presentable enough in recent years
    – I started my bullet journal, and managed to keep working on the setup on time (well, at least most of the months). It’s not at all ‘instagram-able’, and I almost cannot keep up with the things I want to log down. Well, at least I started something… right?
  • Need to slim down, if not, exercise more, seeing Kpo Kia Papa warded twice this year due to a suspected heart attack is making me worry and panic for him and my family health
    – I got slack and didn’t even attend running events anymore, except for twice this year… and my speed, totally cannot make it. But I started to go to my office gym at least once a month =.=” since second half of the year. Food wise, I keep reminding myself not to clear all the expired food or go for cheap food that can spoil my health… unless, of course… I have craving for them. Unfortunately, age catch up and due to bad discipline, my weight went up instead of doing down. If my share raise at such a rate, I think I will be rich soon and can retired liao… that is, if I even buy them.
  • Need to find back my courage to drive, cannot always depends on Kpo Kia Papa
    – Boo Boo~ Still didn’t dare to drive at all. Kpo Kia Papa changed a car, now with a ‘new car’, I lagi don’t dare to drive more… =.=”
  • Need to manage my finance better so I will not need to worry in case my contract is not extended, nor be a burden in case I failed in my health
    – I think I managed to save a bit this year. Not much, but better than the past few years. Even if I bing online shopping, the amount is still not as bad. I also started to look into my CPF and reading up on how much more I need to save, in order to at least get a decent amount when I reached retirement age (if I can live till then lah!) *Pat pat on my shoulder* Good Job!
  • Need to be less lazy and more hardworking to do my shopping wisely and meaningful to the receivers
    – Haha, actually I am still as lazy, I even asked if things will be like by the kids before I buy for them. But yah, at least it’s something that won’t go straight into the trash bag or store room, right?
  • Need to patch up my blog so it can be more meaningful to myself and interesting to my readers 🙂
    – I have so many backlogssssssss! OMG! This is one thing I failed terribly. I need to relook into my blog and writing. Haha. Please pardon me for my bad English~ My management always tell me that they view people who have a typo as people slacking in their job, hope you all won’t have the same thinking, sometimes I just want to bring my idea across, but have limited vocabulary 🙁

Oh well… I have given myself quite a lot of excuses to procrastinate this year, let me set the resolution for next year and hope I will get a better review result on the last day of 2020?

  • Need to start an education routine for Kpo Kia (and me) – she is in K1 this year, and will soon step in Primary school in 2 years time. Her writing is … zero. Cannot compare to my friend’s kids, or even her peers. Sad to say we can’t educate our one and only kid till now. Probably need to sign her up for course, and allocate more time with her on learning.
  • Complete my setup for my bullet journal at least one week in advance. I probably need to include my weight tracker and gym tracker as well? Guess I will give up on those pretty fanciful setups, which always ends up in disaster for my every attempt. KISS, CF!
  • Self care is a priority this round. I need to slim down, take care of my age spots (sad die me, I am only in my early 40s leh, but have so much age spot… *wails*), probably need to start cooking for my lunch so I will take less oily outside food.
  • Need to start manage my finance. Keep track of my expenses, and save more. Reminder to self, I have aging parents, a young dependent, and myself to take care. My job is not very stable (yes, the company won’t bankrupt, but my contract position may or may not be extended since…. 一言难尽).
  • Need to give more time and show more concern to my loves one
  • Need to catch up with my backlogs, or remove them from my backlogs 😛
2019 Best nine on Instagram for @chokfern

I wanted to take better photos but apparantly I didn’t improve much. So here’s my best nine photos on my Instagram. Will push myself to keep it up, with better photos. 加油, CF!

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