CB Day 5: Feeling rush

I need to remind myself today is Saturday when I woke up… yes, it’s a weekend.

Today schedule is:

  • 10.50am: Wake up and had breakfast – Old town white coffee + the Japanese mini chocolate biscuit. Rewarded her 2 pcs as her survival treats for trapping with us in CB.
  • After that…. rot…. rot… My exchange for Soju is here around 12.15pm. The delivery man called me to place the Soju which was previously sent wrongly (not the flavour I like) to leave it outside the house so he don’t need to say hello to me. Make me LOL… but yah, current situation is bad, and who can blame him, who need to run to so many house for delivery, to try to keep himself safe?
  • 12:45pm: Grab lunch is here – I shared a fishball noodle with kpo kia…. I wanted to make kimchi pancake for teabreak later… but… too lazy
  • After that…. rot…. rot…
  • 3:50pm: Go out to get essential items from supermarket today. I wanted to go Compassone but Cold storage is more expensive for most of the items I want, so resolve to a mall with NTUC. Kpo Kia promised me that she will put on her mask in order to get into NTUC with me, but she ended up keep pulling it down because of the discomfort, and I ended up keep scolding her. Finally she decided to give up on the struggle, and ask Kpo Kia Papa to bring her back to the car, and I also finally got to get most of the items I want… Didn’t get more as trolly is not available at the entrance, and a few frozen foods got too heavy for me, lousy me! Not fun shopping this round as everyone is trying to keep social distance despite the narrow shelving arrangement, and I certainly don’t want the two to wait for me for too long.
  • 6:20pm: Hungry, start washing the food for dinner. Kpo Kia papa bought one bitter gourd to cook soup before CB kicks in, that’s why I need to get some matching meat for it =.=”
  • 7.40pm: Ended up the soup is still bitter despite my best effort… and the 2 refused to eat much.
  • 8.50pm: Start enjoying my Soju + Hite beer… tsk tsk…. kana bad influence by the girls. LOL.. but these simple things keep us sane these days….
  • 10.15pm: I discovered a show to watch on Netflix. Happy die me! Watch K-drama and drink Korean Soju…. happy….
  • 11.05pm: Seldom managed to make Kpo Kia sleep so early…. so back to my K-drama again….

Today fridge is fuller than before again… cos of all the drinks and ‘essential food’ at home… what should I cook tomorrow? The cooking is so bad I think I will slim down myself also. LOL!

Today figure: 191 new cases

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