CB Day 6: First CB Sunday

I wanted to wake up early… but sleeping at 3+ makes me wake up at 10.50am again. LOL.

Till today, everything seems so unreal. It’s just a while back when I was hopeful, then I was told that whatever I had been working towards, is just a goal that I cannot achieve. Anyway, fast forward, I had made so many plans for self-improvement, learning, and probably ‘reset’ my thinking during the break, but thanks to COVID-19, I need to replan again, as I definitely do not want to repeat the same history again.

Quote of the day:

Nothing changes, if nothing changes.

Today schedule is:

  • 10.50am: Wake up and had breakfast – Old town white coffee + 2 slices of bread. She woke up early and had finished her breakfast before I woke up. LOL
  • After that…. rot…. rot… Binge watching K-drama “While you were sleeping”.
  • 1:45pm: Grab lunch is here – I ordered the wrong lunch for him! OMG, feeling so apologetic, but what else can I do? Ate 2.5 pcs of prata (egg + kosong)
  • After that…. rot…. rot… She keep complaining nothing to do and disturb the dad. Surprisingly, Dad was listening to free online course (usually I am the one as I need to clock my PDUs), so I decided to be a better wifey and mummy, and do some Home-based learning activities with Kpo Kia. She was happy and having fun.
  • 6:00pm: Prepare to de-froze the food for dinner. Planned to cook minced meat spaghetti with Fish finger as I am sure in case if she rejected the spaghetti, she will at least eat the fish fingers and won’t be starved to death. Prepare work with her .
  • 6:50pm: Boiling my spaghetti halfway when I received the whatsapp call to celebrate CN’s bday, panic, throw the phone to Kpo Kia and run off to get the pasta out of the pot. Kpo Kia was upset that I paused her video…. and for whatever reason, ‘shy’ toward the kiddos, so the call ends quickly… as she still have a few more calls to make before she can start to eat her cake. I think she did well for a 6 years old to be patient enough to wait for so many calls to end before she can eat the cake.
  • 7.50pm: Kpo Kia don’t like my cooking as expected. She says she only like the fish finger, as expected… (guess what? As I was writing this post, I realised I forgot to heat up the mushroom soup! No wonder I was hungry for the whole night!
  • 8.30pm: Had another short video call with the kiddos again. This time, Kpo Kia finally decided not to be “赌后”, and show her big face. The kids are happy 🙂

Today is the first Sunday since CB! Everything still feel unreal. Tomorrow I’m on leave, probably continue binge watching my K-drama again. Maybe I will start to do more HBL with Kpo Kia… maybe I will…

Today figure: 233 new cases

I am expecting the figure to go up or remain above 100, till the 3rd week of CB? If it spike again… I think we will be having CCB and god knows what will happen to my future? May the force be with me.

The portion is pathetic … because I forgot all about the mushroom soup. LOL

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