CB Day 4: Feeling mad

It’s Good Friday.

No need to work. No need to go out.

Bored die me.

Skipped the schedule… as there isn’t any on non-working day. LOL.

What did I eat and do?

  • Breakfast: Old town white coffee + 1 small pack of suda biscuit
  • Lunch: Thai Seafood pineapple fried rice
  • Dinner: Lenu braised pork noodle


  • I digged out some old resources when I took my DPE- T and try it out on Kpo Kia. Seem like she is quite interested… but I am too lack of motivation LOL
  • Also managed to do a few activities from the Home-based learning resources provided by her preschool
  • Also made some Soy Pudding from Nuvojoy. Glad that she loves it although it’s not very sweet~

Sleepy. Tired. Lazy.

Today figure: 198 new cases

A rat run to me and told me she need to faster finishes the Soy pudding we made earlier of the day as it was ‘spoilt’. sure enough, she poked a hole into the pudding and spoilt it =.=”

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