Phase 2HA Day 24

2021-06-08 – Tuesday

Permanently tired.

Today meal:

  • Lunch: Nissin Tom Yum Instant noodle
    Since Kpo Kia papa is not lunching with me, and I have a 1pm meeting, I decided to settle for instant noodle. So I can nua for a while after my morning team meeting. Today is a busy calling day.
  • Dinner: Homecook – Mushroom, frozen CP Honey Chicken and Dodo Fish tofu.
    Haha. I realised it’s my best for now to include 1/3 of ‘real food’ in my meals. Well, at least better than nothing right?

Another calling day. After 3 calls, I feel my ‘body battery’ draining. I can never understand how people can have a 4 or 8 hours meeting. Oh well, I just remembered I ever experienced that before, but I do not find it effective. What do you think?

Real food

These days I feel stress whenever I feel like cooking but when I look into the fridge, I saw that there’s not much ‘real food’. I was reminded of the days when Kpo Kia was newly born, and people are raving about how breastfeeding benefits the baby, but I am unable to keep up with it for whatever reason.

I remind myself that there’s a balance to strike. While it’s always good to cook full meals of ‘real food’, I have my own limitation and there is no reason to trade my mental welfare for my physical welfare. Both are equally important. I shall try my best but not stress myself too much.

Please don’t bash me for it, I just want to be a happy mum, a happy wife.

These days my eczema keeps coming back, my scalp, my hands…

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