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ぐでたま fans at Sentosa FunFest 2019

It’s a hot Saturday and I finally can have a good rest. But once I finally dragged myself out from my bed, we quickly finished our heavy breakfast and prepare to go out of the house. Reason? Loads and loads of ぐでたま will be showing up in Sentosa FunFest 2019!!

This year, Sentosa FunFest 2019 will be happening from 16 – 24 March 2019, visitors will get to see a lot of larger-than-life size inflatables, featuring Sanrio characters such as Hello Kitty, My Melody and Gudetama. What’s more? All locals and local residents can enjoy free entry into Sentosa via the Sentosa Express and Sentosa Gateway (drive-in)! For EZ-link card users, simply tap and enter at the fare gates. Free entry at Sentosa Gantry is applicable at all lanes for all vehicles (including goods & commercial vehicles) with local registered IU except motorcycles and coaches.

Just step out of the house and Kpo Kia pull my hand and off we go, it was then I realised she was fully dressed up – even with her shoes on. This is the first time in my memories, that we got her all prepared to go out, without nagging at her. Believe by now you will know I am not the only ぐでたまfan in this household~

It’s a long journey to Sentosa, Kpo Kia nearly dozed off along the way, but we managed to keep her awoke talking about what she will see in the event.

Once we walked in Palawan Beach, we are welcome by a few photo point with My Melody and Hello Kitty, there we go~

Warm welcome by My Melody and Hello Kitty
She wants to take photo on her own for this ~
FunFest Map

There are supposed to have around 800 inflatable ぐでたま around the beach but think most of them are not set up yet on the first day. We only see around 200 to maximum 300 of them, or is it because we didn’t explore around enough?

Wefie with our favourite character~
Family pic with ぐでたま

For once I am glad that it’s school holiday, a lot of the event helpers hanging around seems to me like young students earning some quick bucks during school holidays. They are generally friendly and helpful.

Kpo Kia likes the inflatable activities a lot, surprisingly, she loves the balancing beam most, this is actually the simplest activity among all inflatable activities. We are not aware of the sand play/water play (as my intention is just to look for ぐでたま LOL!) thus didn’t prepare the appropriate attired for Kpo Kia. Poor girl can only watch the other children busy with their water play and sand play… she ended up busy playing with sand at all the random places we passed up. So if you want to let your kids enjoy the event fully, and is not afraid of them to feel a bit wet or dirty, do prepare swimwear and beach toys (and loads of sunblock) for them~

She loves the balancing beam game~
Water slide, too bad we didn’t bring swimwear for her, else would have let her play this~
Paranormal view of the event
Exploring herself in the mirror

It’s a shame quite a number of ぐでたま already turned brownish, got dirty on the first day of the event. Not sure who was responsible for that. It’s also a pity that we missed out the 3m tall ぐでたま is not set up at the point of time when we are around (we left around 3.30pm). Overall, Kpo Kia enjoyed herself a lot for the day, she even keeps sharing to everyone her encounter with Hello Kitty and ぐでたま on the next day 🙂

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