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Happy Time: KidzGo Playhouse

TS purchased a voucher from Qoo10 to bring AJ to KidzGo Playhouse in Tampines to play.

Follow TS to capture some photos of the professional model – AJ but seems like the the amateur photographer – CF still have a long way to go… The photos are too ‘artistic’ and are classified as what I call ‘abstract art’.

The only two photos which are not too blur and which CF personally like a lot are:

认真的男人最YanDao (Boy in serious work looks most handsome)


Mother and son are smiling so happily~ <3

Personally think the environment is not very infant-friendly towards kids below 18 months, it’s really like a playground where kids get to run around and jump around and slides around (great place for kids to train and master their kinetic skills). In fact, initially the staffs also told us that only kids from age one and above can enter, till TS show them the e-Coupon with fine prints “Valid for children aged 6 months to 6 years”.

I sort of like the attitude of the helpful and friendly staffs, they’ve been offering TS alternatives whenever they saw that AJ seems to have run out of things to play.

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  1. Love the 2nd photo, captured the moment of great bonding of the mom and kid.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I love the photo!

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