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ぐでたま fans at Sentosa FunFest 2019

It’s a hot Saturday and I finally can have a good rest. But once I finally dragged myself out from my bed, we quickly finished our heavy breakfast and prepare to go out of the house. Reason? Loads and loads… Continue Reading →

My new favourite Sanrio Character: Gudetama ぐでたま

Thanks to Sze‘s post on facebook, I got to know a new Sanrio Character – Gudetama (ぐでたま).Love it to the max!Why? Haha, because it’s attitude is so like me – he’s whiny, always has a face of despair, and according to… Continue Reading →

McDonald’s Singapore Hello Kitty The Singing Bone & other Updates

Gosh! Guess what? Heard the Hello Kitty plushies – The Singing Bone (limited edition!) is sold out again in less than 1 hour, or some even rumored that they are “sold out” even before midnight? In order not to jammed… Continue Reading →

McDonald’s Singapore Hello Kitty Frog Prince

What’s the hottest news on Facebook for Singapore every Thursday since 30th May 2013?It’s definitely McDonald’s Hello Kitty Fairy Tale plushies!  Today is the launch of the latest plushies – The Frog Prince Hello Kitty.Guess what?All Frog Prince are sold… Continue Reading →

Random: McDonald’s Singapore and Hello Kitty

Guess what? After Brown, どーも くん(Dōmo-kun) have a new friend today~ Thanks G <3 <3 <3 Say hello to Hello Kitty McDelivery~ Keke, McDelivery kitty is putting on kitty spec as I find it pretty cute when I read about… Continue Reading →

McDonald’s Hello Kitty Fairy Tale plushies are here~

I remember whenever friends/colleagues and I are out for meals and we run out of ideas on what to eat, my first thoughts is McDonald…. This round, McDonald is back to my mind, not because I ran out of ideas… Continue Reading →

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