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Pretty, not pretty.

Scrolling through facebook and Kpo Kia saw photos of friend and family traveling in Taiwan.

Kpo Kia: Wow!
Me: Why?
Kpo Kia: Joji jie jie?
Me: Yah…
Kpo Kia: Joji jie jie pretty, right? (Damned! She picked this up from me because I always add a ‘right’ behind my conversation with her whenever I try to convince her on something)
Me: Yah…
Kpo Kia: Joji jie jie pretty, right? I not pretty… (and her voice fade off slowly)

For a moment I was stunned and surprised at her statement, with the disappointed expression. Although I wonder if she really feel upset of this, I was a bit hurt to see her sound “depress”.

I quickly hugged her and say: It’s alright. You are cuteeee. Not everyone is pretty.

And she broke into laughter as I was tickling her when I was saying this. Soon she went back to her play.

I try to think very hard if I ever implant this impression on her mind that she is not pretty, but I can’t really recall much. I guess words of parents and children’s social circle really play a very important part of how a kid view himself/herself, no matter how young they are.

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