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The Little Prince In The Dark collection at Singapore Philatelic Museum

Was glad to be invited to The Little Prince In The Dark Collection Curator’s Tour by Singapore Philatelic Museum. One of the unpublished artwork by the author The Little Prince (Le Petit Prince) is a famous ‘adult novel’ written by French… Continue Reading →

Pretty, not pretty.

Scrolling through facebook and Kpo Kia saw photos of friend and family traveling in Taiwan. Kpo Kia: Wow!Me: Why?Kpo Kia: Joji jie jie?Me: Yah…Kpo Kia: Joji jie jie pretty, right? (Damned! She picked this up from me because I always… Continue Reading →

Kpo Kia Mama Tip #2: Soiled Clothings

Got this tip from Daiso facebook group, always keep a few pet poop bag in your diaper bag. It’s super handy when your LO have a “poo-nami” and you ended up with loads of soil clothings outside. I now have… Continue Reading →

Kpo Kia Mama Tip #1: Baby Safe Pesticides

Tip shared by mama’s ex-colleague:Always keep a bottle of children safe insect repellent spray. It works well as pesticides without the odour.

Kpo Kia in action: trying to be a good citizen

We decided to bring her for a walk after dinner and our Pokemon Go hunt (Yes, I am still into it even though everyone say it’s dying!). As there is some “branches cutting” on the trees nearby the playground this… Continue Reading →

What happen to our Singapore childcare centres?

Recently there are a few incident about Singapore childcare centres that went viral, in case you are still not aware of it, you can read them on: Authorities investigating social media post alleging childcare centre feeds children rotten fruit, neglects them (the… Continue Reading →

Ouch! She knocked her head!

Recently, Kpo Kia caused alarm in the whole family, she knocked her head!While we are quite used to it – she has been falling down from bed many times and even fall from crawling on the floor, this time it… Continue Reading →


Chinese are so amazingly filial.Before marriage: I doubt other races people will go to such extend, spend all the life saving money to prepare a wedding ceremony for their parents and relatives.After marriage: Spend 9 months carrying a baby inside… Continue Reading →


他们华人。。。喜欢隔代婚姻喜欢隔代教育 因为自己结婚的时候没有机会安排自己的婚礼,所以孩子结婚时也不肯让他们安排他们自己的婚礼。 因为自己带孩子时怕宠坏了不好带,便宠坏孩子的孩子。反正孩子的孩子宠坏了,受苦的不是自己;即便是被他们欺负压得死死的,也是幸福,绝不幸苦。毕竟,有人把我当佣人使唤,就是代表我还有利用存在的价值。

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