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Kpo Kia Turns 3!

Time flies! Kpo Kia is 3 years old today.

I miss my baby, but I want her to grow up faster, so contradicting thought huh?

Oh well, the fortunate girl had 4 rounds of birthday celebrations spread across 3 days~

Day 1 – celebration with the grandparents

As we are too lazy to coordinate the 2 families, we have separate celebrations, this also indirectly solves the problem of who will be holding Kpo Kia for birthday cake cutting. We have an afternoon celebration at my in law’s place and another one at my parent’s place – this means we are having 2 cakes in a day!

Day 2 – celebration with the classmates

She is all excited when we asked if she wants to have a celebration in school. As her actual birthday falls on weekends, the daddy secretly wish she will say ‘no want’ (her version of don’t want) although I had placed the order for her birthday goodie bags items quite some time back LOL! Surprisingly, she chose a Paw Patrol design cake instead of the girly princess design cake. It meant to be in round shape, but because we order a 2kg cake, we were told it can only be done in a rectangular shape.

Nevertheless, the celebration is a simple one, no super fancy presents. Those who know me well actually also know that I was initially quite against the idea of having Birthday celebration for the kids in preschool. I feel that it wrongly set the expectation on children to treat materials too highly, and stress the children and parents from not so well to do background, but I eventually give in to the ‘social expectation’ 🙁

Anyway, she had a great day in school because there is something she can feel anticipate toward to, and after the simple celebration with her in school we went to get her a present – a tricycle~

Day 3 – actual birthday celebration

Today is her actual birthday and we started the day by bringing her downstairs to play her bicycle. She is still not very familiar with cycling and tends to paddle backward instead of forward so the daddy decided to give her a warmup session.

We later went to Soek Seng 1954 Bicycle Cafè for lunch and went to the Aeroplane Themed Playground at Seletar Aerospace Park. Had initially wanted to go to Wildseed Cafe for lunch but apparently, all the indoor tables are occupied or reserved; only the outdoor tables are available but we are not keen to pay a premium price for a ‘hotspot’ thus the change of venue. Initially, we were quite worried because of the negative review read on Soek Seng 1954 Bicycle Cafè’s facebook page, but the food are pretty decent for the price we paid. Probably because there isn’t much crowd, the service is pretty decent too and the food are served quite fast. 🙂

It’s a sunny afternoon so we didn’t stay for too long, went back for nap and in the even went to Swensen to ‘redeem’ our “complimentary” Firehouse Happy Birthday ice cream during dinner time.

Anyway, my dear baby, ehh… actually is terrible 3 toddler, hope you enjoy your birthday celebration~

Daddy and Mummy didn’t get to celebrate birthday so frequently in our era, we didn’t even get presents worth more than $10 back then when we were 3 years old, you are one of the lucky one having so much at this stage of life. Mummy will strive not to breed you into a spoilt brat despite so many family members spoiling you.

Happy Birthday, Kpo Kia~



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