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Product Review: Stickerkid label

This is a super backlog post which I promised myself to put up during my break (which somehow still didn’t happened). 🙂

When Kpo Kia is around 5 months old, my in law was unable to take care of her temporarily so we have to put her up with a nanny. It means everything need to be properly labelled to prevent chances of mixed up items at nanny’s place since she is taking care of a few kids at the same time. Did some research and decided to try out the labels from

Dishwasher safe name labels review
We first ordered the small size dishwasher safe name labels (the cheapest range LOL) to test out the quality of the labels. We need to label the milk bottles and parts, and it means these label will need to withstand the high temperature of the milk bottle warming and sterilizer (heard low quality labels will be ‘burnt’ under strong heat and paranoid first time parents like us refused to take this risk). When we first received the labels, we like the texture of how it feels on hand; after happily labelled all the milk bottle parts and container and have them undergo a few rounds of washing and steaming, we are glad that it still sticks well and no visible change on the labels. ^_^

Fast forward, Kpo Kia is already 31 months today, we recycle the same batch of labels on the up-sized bottle and they still sticks well! Unfortunately, some of them are in bad condition recently thanks to Kpo Kia itchy fingers… for some reason she have decided that she need to relocate them after finishing her milk =.=” Stingy Kpo Kia Mama just paste them back to the milk bottle and they still maintain the stickiness pretty well. 🙂

Permanent iron-on labels review
When Kpo Kia finally found a slot at childcare at her 18th months, we decided to label her school uniforms as well. Cheapo mama decided to go for the permanent iron-on labels for clothes this round (same reason, cheaper than the removable labels). First impression of the label, I was a bit disappointed, for the Chinese characters of Kpo Kia’s name is quite blur out and the feeling of labels is no where near the quality of the sticker labels.

The permanent iron-on labels

It looks so… filmsy

After just a 3 to 4 months of washing of the uniforms/mattress covers in the washing machine, some of the labels looks as if they are going to peel off. 🙁

Fast forward again, at less than 10 months, part of the labels on the mattress cover are peeled off. Not sure if the itchy fingers of Kpo Kia contributed to it but I highly suspect I will not be getting it anymore.

Service review
Few months ago, I got a 30% discount code and took this opportunity to make more purchase. Got the removable iron-on clothing labels, some medium size dishwasher safe name labels (44 stickers per batch), a new batch of small size name label (60 stickers per batch) for Kpo Kia, and another batch of small size name label for myself as well (LOL! Realised they have the perfect size to cover the built-in camera on my laptop!).

To my disappointment, after 2 weeks+ of waiting for the items, I received a slightly crumpled envelope and a batch of ‘stained’ medium size labels sticked to the accompany brochure in the mail. Seem like the mail of items had undergone some swimming along the way 🙁

I was quite upset and feedback to the customer service through email. Was more upset when the reply was “All our stickers are coated with a special foil, which makes them waterproof. We would therefore ask you to wipe it with a wet cloth and, if necessary, a little washing-up liquid over the stickers to remove the paper.”

After washing… I still got this… quite frustrating when I email this back to the customer support.

Sent them a photo of my failed attempt to clean the labels, and they replied me on the next day with apology and promise of a replacement. Sure enough, after another 2 weeks of waiting, I got the sheet of 22 replacement stickers in 2 weeks time (because the 44x stickers are spread over 2 sheets of labels and I only complaint about 1 sheet of them having problem =.=”… in actual fact, both sheet of labels are affected, just that the sheet in my complaint email is in a more serious condition).

Like the responsive customer support of the company, in my few emails to them, the response time are 1, to maximum 3 days. Perhaps the profit margin is really not as high, or perhaps they are over confident over their product quality, but I felt that they can be more generous in sending the replacement stickers in my case.

Maybe I was just more lucky with my online purchase with Qoo10 or Lazada, I am quite used to seller just sent me the replacement for my order when I bother to complain. @_@

Overall, I think the dishwasher safe name labels are still worth buying, especially for the purpose of labeling the milk bottles and parts. But I would probably will only buy them when:

  • I got the promotion code as the price is quite steep. This also help to cushion my ‘heartache’ in case if the items are damaged during the delivery process. 
  • I am not in a hurry to get the items. As the items are produced and shipped from Switzerland, so it will take around 2 weeks of delivery to reached Singapore. So if you are in a hurry to get labels for LO, you might need to look for other alternatives.

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