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Happy Birthday to me

Happy Birthday to me.

Thank you for being with me.

Thanks to Shirley – My Secondary School classmate I know since Secondary 2, I had 4 birthday celebration this year.

Once our family of 3 enjoyed the cake she bought for me, once with my in-laws family, once with my family, and once on my actual day, with my Dearest husband and Kpo Kia.

It’s funny that we went to a steakhouse to celebrate my birthday, at Morton’s The Steakhouse, while both of us don’t eat beef (me due to religion purpose and he simply don’t like). We went there for their famous Chocolate Molten Cake. Unfortunately, they don’t give complimentary Chocolate Molten Cake for birthday celebration anymore, instead, we got Lemon Grand Marnier Souffle, same as 2 years ago.

We still enjoy the dinner regardless, except the short episode when Kpo Kia decided to feel sad and cry, and we received ‘counseling’ for the noise-making minor, and that we had and additional 30mins of wait, because the Chocolate Molten Cake is ‘not done up to expectation’. The server is very patient in trying to calm Kpo Kia, and we received a pot of complimentary tea for the long wait, so we aren’t going to complaint about them.

Overall, I have a series of good birthday celebrations.

I am grateful to be able to celebrate it with my loved ones, my family, my friends (‘remotely’ via messagers and social media), and my in-laws. I am grateful that everyone is in great health (maybe for some can be better, but I won’t complain, again), we are holding on a job/roles that bring us financially or emotionally satisfaction.

I have also decided that I can better improve my life as I age, and wish to come up with a list of ‘birthday resolutions’, hopefully when I do an audit in my life next birthday, I can fulfill most of them.

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