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She’s sick again

This is a peaceful day when I ‘had a break’ from Kpo Kia since slightly before 8 pm.

Yesterday, she also went to bed before 8.30 pm, just after her dinner.

She’s sick again.

I always feel blessed because she had been in good health since birth. There were a few occasions when she got more major sickness, e.g. COVID in March earlier this year, Hand foot mouth disease few years back, but she was still active back then.

Tuesday she even threw up while ‘arguing’ with us (this is the first time) when she refused to brush her teeth. Motherhood is really something amazing, in the past, I will feel like throwing up, or even actually throwing up if I saw someone vomit. But I calmly clean up the room before I go into her room to give her a good night kiss. She was very quiet, can tell that she herself was in shock.

It’s ironic how a mother always wishes to have a peaceful night; but on a quiet evening when her child was asleep, still feeling unwell, the mother can’t feel peace at all.

Dear 老-baby,

Mummy wishes you can recover soon. I miss the noisy you, regardless of how ‘irritating’ I feel when you are making those weird noises.

Love you,


Kpo Kia papa managed to work from home to look after her and brought her to see the doctor. $10 for 4 bottles of medicine, worth it? =) This is one of the very rare occasions that she needs to eat so much medicine, at least not since she stepped into Kindergarten.


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