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When Kpo Kia turns one…

Can you believe I procrastinated for so long? Haha… finally decided to backlog and post about Kpo Kia’s first birthday!

Just few weeks before her first year birthday, Kpo Kia is able to walk! But as she still can’t coordinate her limbs as stable and fell down quite often, we need to be constantly stick around her when she is awake. Unfortunately, she love to play more than sleep, so by the time she sleep (which is around midnight), we were drained… (enough excuses on how we didn’t start planning earlier!)

We only started looking around for her birthday celebration stuff 3-4 weeks before her birthday, understand that compared to a lot of new age parents, we are too last minute… my colleague actually planned 2-3months ahead before her son’s birthday.

As usually, decisions are to be made first before we proceed.

  • Shall we celebrate her birthday?
  • Who shall we invite?
  • Where should we hold the celebration?
  • What is our budget?

As it’s her first year birthday celebration we would like to do “something” for her, but learning from previous experience on her baby shower (1st month celebration), if we invite the friends and relative, we will ended up focusing on entertaining the guest instead of giving the birthday girl sufficient attention. After some discussion, we finally decided to only keep it to our immediate family members.

As much as I wanted to hold the celebration in McDonald, it’s a no-no to the traditional elderly. Wanted to host it at some club house or charlet, but Kpo Kia Papa is worried that if Kpo Kia decided to poo poo during the session, we might not be able to response in time as handle her as conveniently, thus, we settled for the same location – our home sweet home.

Initially we are looking at setting up deco with the help from event company, but decided that since we have more time this round, we shall do some shopping and do up the deco ourselves.

Things we prepared:

  • Wall deco – we got our wall decoration from taobao and SKP
  • Sheep table deco – got pom pom from Daiso, and print some sheep head image and pasted over it
  • One of the character balloon was deflated and we need to use tape to keep it’s air, can you spot which is it?
    My Daiso pom pom + picture of sheep’s head. Inspired when I attended one of the event
    We also designed a photobook for her
  • Cup – It’s just ordinary plastic cup we got from NTUC, but I decorated it with stickers which I printed it myself (Haha, even typo cos I did it too last minute on the night before, and got caught by Kpo Kia Papa’s nephew).
  • LOL. Sort of pai sei when the typo got discovered
  • Sheep Cup cake & cake stand – from sweetest moment
  • The cupcakes looks so sweet and are sweet. But thanks to the hot weather they are almost melted and slide out of the stand.
  • Durian Cake – From Polar
  • The durian cake is surprisingly yummy. Does not taste like ‘fake durian’ at all
  • “Sheep figuring” for cake – from Toy R Us
  • Sis got the candles from Daiso and we got a few Sylvanian family sheep babies to customised our cake

Kpo Kia get to take a lot of polaroid photos with the family members. 🙂

We also catered our lunch from Mei Hao 99 Catering, got the Mini Buffet which is meant for 15pax although we only have 11 adult, 1 young kid and a toddler-to-be. We still have quite a lot of food left over so I actually packed lunch to office for the next 3 working days.

The result?
I thought it is a pretty successful one which our families get to have more time to spend with her and we do not need to be too stress over if the “guests” are feeling comfortable. Kpo Kia papa even do up a video for her:

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