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A letter to Dear Santa (2015)

Dear Santa,
This year is a special year… and I have been specially good.
I have been a good girl to the Singapore government – I give birth to a SG50 girl, knowing she will face a lot of competition 12 years down the road.
I have been a good girl to my mum – I finally edited the photos we took at Taiwan in 2014 and share it with her.
I have been a good girl to the “elderly” – I listened (with occasion deafness) and survived through the most horrible moment in my life – the confinement period. I have always thought having an extra hand after delivery will make me a queen, but reality stated otherwise.
I have been a good girl to my baby – I have been looking forward to “party” after delivery, but making the choice to breastfeed Leticia, I have given up my party plans and focus on eating the “healthy food” so I can generate “healthy milk” for her.

Dear Santa, in return for my “goodness” in this year, can I list a longer wishlist? I can received them through installments:
A nice haircut and preferably treatment and color – I am so sick of my messy hair I wonder if Leticia always cry is because she thoughts her mum looks like Sadako.
A nice nursing shawl that can cover well and yet will not be too hot to generate a heater environment to roast my dear Leticia.
Some nice nursing wear so I can nurse my dear Leticia easily when we are outside, you know, not everywhere have a nursing room, and not every clothes are nursing friendly even with the coverage of nursing shawl.
A slimming solution to get rid of my “baby fats”, till today I still can shed off the leftover fats I gained from my pregnancy, and I was still quite upset that even after delivering a 3.3kg baby and 0.5kg placental, I only lost 2kg(??!!!) after birth.
A nice cool bag that is compact enough to put my breast pump and etc stuff to bring around, squeeze into the MRT during peak hours and spacious enough to put in all my stuff.

Dear Santa, thank you for reading my letter to you, it’s been a long long long time since I last wrote to you and wish you can fulfill my wishes.

With lots of love and xoxo,

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