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Happy Birthday to me

Happy Birthday to me. Thank you for being with me. Thanks to Shirley – My Secondary School classmate I know since Secondary 2, I had 4 birthday celebration this year. Once our family of 3 enjoyed the cake she bought… Continue Reading →

Happy 2nd, Kpo Kia!

Time flies by so much in a blink with Kpo Kia around. It’s her 2nd birthday and it’s our brain cell killing time.In order to simplify the planning and coordinating, we decided to host 2 separate celebrations for both side… Continue Reading →

When Kpo Kia turns one…

Can you believe I procrastinated for so long? Haha… finally decided to backlog and post about Kpo Kia’s first birthday! Just few weeks before her first year birthday, Kpo Kia is able to walk! But as she still can’t coordinate… Continue Reading →

Happy 14-02-2016!~

Happy 14-02-2016!Happy Valentine’s Day!Happy Birthday! Hope you can be happy everyday! 祝您二零一六年二月十四日快乐!情人节快乐!人日快乐! 希望您每天都快乐! p/s: In case if you are wondering why I greet you Happy Birthday, today is the 7th day of Chinese New Year, it is believe that human… Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday to Myself~!

OMG! I am no longer a “youth” in Singapore context. Entering another phase in my life soon, all I wish is happiness and peace and good health for me and my love oneS… 🙂

Happy Birthday to Sis~

Happy Birthday, My Dear sister! Although you never fails to irritates me, I still love you~~ 😛

Happy Birthday Sis~

Yo Girl, Happy Birthday!!!!Hope you not only grow older but also wiser every years 😛And grow more courage to pursue after your dreams 🙂Dedicated this for my dear roommate who has been sleeping beside me for the past xx year~… Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday to my weirdest friend – Sze!

Happy Birthday to my weirdest friend! Congratulation that you are one age nearer to me and hope you won’t turn weirder than current stage~ Hope all your wish come true and you WILL LIVE TILL you are 100 years old… Continue Reading →

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