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My Mother’s Day Celebration 2018

Happy Mother’s Day (again?)!

It’s a normal visiting day as we went to visit the grandparents as usual. The only difference is this round we got a cake with ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ tag for tea break. Kpo Kia also make a present for her paternal grandmother, but it got destroy within the same 30minutes after she handed the present to her granny.

I thought Kpo Kia is giving me a special Mother’s Day celebration by giving me a break and follow her 姑姑 (my sister-in-law) home, but Kpo Kia Papa ‘collect’ her back since they are ‘past life lover’ after all.

Since we had celebrate Mother’s Day with my mum the past Friday, we decided to pontang (Singlish for skive) Kpo Kia maternal grandparents visiting for the day and have a celebration without ourselves only. We went to The Coastal Settlement for dinner but was slightly disappointed to find a lot of vintage decor gone 🙁

Kpo Kia Mama’s order: Garlic Prawn Thin Crust Pizza (SGD 22)
Kpo Kia Papa’s order: Truffle Mushroom Linguine (SGD 24)

Order my favourite Pizza but also disappointed to see it quite burnt, not sure if this is due to the Sunday crowd?

Our dessert: Valrhona Dark Lava Cake (SGD 14)

I wasn’t aware of the Lava Cake on their menu previously and decided to order it for dessert. It’s not too bad but could be better if it’s warmer as I love to see the flowing chocolate lava. But I blame it for me taking photo and wasted 3 precious minutes that could have cool down the cake.

These days it’s getting tougher for her to take smiling photos with us T_T

For some reason Kpo Kia decided to be less cooperative these days when we are taking a family photo. Her smile always only shown up after the camera turns away from her, so rest assure she is happy for the day, at least you should see her smile when she gets to taste the ice cream and chocolate~

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