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Kpo Kia in action: trying to be a good citizen

We decided to bring her for a walk after dinner and our Pokemon Go hunt (Yes, I am still into it even though everyone say it’s dying!).

As there is some “branches cutting” on the trees nearby the playground this morning, there are a lot of branches on the playground. Since Kpo Kia just fell down steps before she walked into the playground, we started to clear some of the bigger branches so she will not trip over them… guess what?
Kpo Kia starts to model after us and picked up almost everything she can find on the ground to clear them. Laugh Die Me!
Mr G jokingly say to her “好啦!好啦!你是好公民啦!” and I suddenly have this random thought: shall we not clear the branches from the playground today, will other young kids who came over to play tripped and fell? Shall everyone in the neighborhood be responsible to play a part in making the environment child-friendly?
What do you think?

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