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Memories Keepsake – New born photography turn first year photo shoot

Just before I was giving birth, I decide to pick up a new born package for Kpo Kia (Haha, saw so many nice newborn photos till I decide to get one for her too). Asked around and decide to get a promotion package from Studio Memories at the price of $160.

The package includes:

  • One 8R print with frame 
  • Four 5R Prints (with fully edited softcopies in high resolution)

Since JL, a designer who is good in photographer, also took from the same studio, I reckon it should be of certain standard for her to share the lobang with me.

As Kpo Kia was hospitalised for first few days after my delivery and G have work commitment after that, we sort of missed the golden period for her newborn shoot and only managed to secure a slot on the 19th days after birth. The best period for newborn shot is first 10-14 days after birth – as according to the article I had read. Newborn babies are born with nearly 300 bones (full-grown adult has only 206!) & cartilage pieces, which after that 10-14 days, start to fuse together into calcified bone. This makes it much harder for the babies to return to that in-the-womb position they’ve been in for the last 9 months. Thus if taken during the first 10-14 days, the babies will feel much more comfortable to be moulded into the adorable position while they still have the luxury of pure flexibility.

We are still very noob in handling Kpo kia and for whatever reason, we underestimated the time requested to take the shoot as well as her appetite and ended up ‘finishing’ the shoot after a few decent photos. (Unfortunately, my CL decided to take a walk once we started to take the shoot as she over estimate our skills in handling Kpo kia. This teach me a lesson – never depends on others to achieve what you want, no matter how helpful and how skillful that person is.)

A prop which all SG50 babies will be using…

They have an additional assistance for newborn photo shoot. And I pretty like the white board design drawn up by them.

Opps.. I have cropped this photo to make her less revealing. She is a strong girl since newly born

Fast forward my grandmother story… time flies and seeing that Kpo kia is turning one, we decided to bring her for a second round to put a closure to our package. Although she is bigger and can do more actions, it doesn’t necessarily means she is easier to handle. Managed to get the following photos and show off them on her first birthday celebration (have edited to combine them here so I can squeeze more photos!:P):

The playful girl… only looks happy when she learn how to play

Her demure LOOKING side

Love this photo – not because Kpo Kia managed to squeeze into the box (although I am partially happy because of it), but because.. she tried to pull the lid and it fell on her, so she ended up crying and we got this photo! Silly kpo kia!

It’s funny how someone who can resist not picking extra photos for her wedding photo album can’t resist paying an extra of $300 to get all the soft copies back… motherhood really makes one “IQ drops”… with no regrets

P/s: Motherhood really change one person. I cannot believe I am so hardworking to be able to maintain a facebook album for her of her first year – posting a photo of her daily. Yup, people who know me well enough knows that I am someone who is good in “flashing in the pan” (三分钟热度).

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