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Reminder of the day

Saw this on facebook: I was once again reminded why I started and maintained this blog, and felt a bit disappointed that I have been detoured along the way. I have wanted to sharpen my photography skill, but what I… Continue Reading →

Memories Keepsake – New born photography turn first year photo shoot

Just before I was giving birth, I decide to pick up a new born package for Kpo Kia (Haha, saw so many nice newborn photos till I decide to get one for her too). Asked around and decide to get… Continue Reading →

Before and after Wefie

Sometimes… I missed the good old days when I was still ‘young’ and free~ In the past, wefie means: Now, wefie means: Haha… need to edit a bit because of my irremovable fats.

Pregnancy Journal: Is it too late?

While waiting for some signs… my mind starts to wonder and think of the thousands things I should do before my dear pops out…Is it too late to look for newborn photography package now… 🙁 Image credit: Flickr (Oli Young)

Backlog photo: Coromandel 2013

Yes, I know it’s been super long since I last went to New Zealand. Just before I forgotten what I had experienced there, I wish to refresh my memories by posting some of the backlog post. G had came over… Continue Reading →

Vesak Day 2014

It was a freaking hot day. I can feel my fats melting away… unfortunately not… and I didn’t lose any weight.Happy day afterall. Managed to exercise a bit – cycle around 14km 😀 Love the feeling of the photo, composition… Continue Reading →

Social Media 101 Lessons: 5 Things to Avoid When Taking Selfies

All bloggers must know this~

How to Shoot Razor Sharp Water Splash

This is so cool! Anyone interested to try with me? The challenge is… how to get a place where the owner does not mind to have it turning into a reservoir? T__T


Spring is here. 🙂

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