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(Post) Happy Mother’s Day Celebration 2018

Haha, and so today is Kpo Kia’s school Mother’s day celebration (don’t ask me why the childcare centre decided to have it on the Friday after actual Mother’s Day).

We are supposed to be making a bouquet of paper flower, but someone got distracted and ended up Mama is the one who cut the paper, fold it, and have it ‘wrapped’ by the childcare teacher.

Thanks teachers for doing all the hardwork, I understand the preparation and execution is not easy. Thanks Kpo Kia for making me a mother…

We were asked to provide photo to help design the board, nice initiative.
Only thing is we are only notified quite last minute – 3 days ago and to quite stressful to dig up the photos in such a short timeline.

LOL. She simply refused to look into the camera and smile. =.=”

Last week she had made this in her art and craft enrichment class

Wednesday evening … I got another Mother’s Day present from Kpo Kia… LOL

Do I looks like the sticker at the right hand side of this photo? LOL. Someone knocked her head against my face and I got a baluku near my left eyes while she got one on her right side of head (no photos taken for her because her baluku recovered soon after few minutes of cold compressed)

Tip of the day:
To treat a baluku (Singlish for bruise), you can wrap ice in a towel and apply it to the bump with a bit of pressure. Usually the swelling will goes off in about 10 to 20 minutes. This is because applying pressure help to stop the bleeding and cold compress helps the blood vessels to constrict, and after 10-20 minutes, the body’s own mechanism would have stopped the bleeding.

If you still got it on the next day, the treatment will changed slightly – you will need to turn to warm compresses (you can use a hot-water bottle) on the baluku. Applying heat helps to bring more circulation to the area and help clear away the pooled blood. A hot-water bottle will work.

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