Start of Adventure: Journey to hobbit land

(Day 0)
Finally it’s time to board the plan and fly off.
Manged to make myself one of the last 10 passengers to get board the flight after queuing 10 minutes at the busy Starbucks cafe for my last minute dessert shopping.
This is the first time I fly for long distance on a budget airline. The last time I board on Jetstar, I was the last passenger, and I got to experience having a flight took off 20 minutes earlier than stated time for the first time!
Anyway, back to my Auckland flight. Today flight is pretty full, friends are worried that I do not have enough space for the long flight but luckily my legs are short, despite the inconsiderate uncle who occupied my luggage slot and suddenly lower his seat low without warning, my legs are safe.
Two meals are served on board for those who upgrade their tickets to Starter Plus – one main meal(for dinner) and one light meal (for breakfast). The dinner is served around 2 hours after the flight took off and the breakfast is served around 2 hours before the flight land.
As expected, the food are edible but I still think the chicken is only 80% warm, or cool down inconsistently while I took the photos?
My neighbor did not upgrade his meal and I was surprised he did not hunger to death. Meanwhile, I regret I didn’t da bao(packed) my Kfc, chicken rice or probably sambal fried rice along cos I really miss non-flight food.
After dinner my neighbor went mia(missing in action) and erh… After waiting for him to come back for more than 20 mins but he didn’t, I assumed he went to somewhere with better seat place and took over his seat!! Wuahaha!! But unfortunately my mind is too occupied with the two Starbucks muffins which I failed to finished and can’t sleep very well….
After some times, guess what I see?

Love the sunrise. Thus is the first time I managed to see sunrise from the plane. New Zealand, here I come!~~~

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