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Product Review: CIELO cream hair colour

What’s more torturing to a lady than seeing a messy bunch of hair? White Hair!!!
Let’s face it! Asian will be spotted with (a lot of) white hair especially after they hit a certain age… and sad to admit, I am at that age!!

I have always been ‘proud’ that I do not have much white hair compare to my peer and joke that it’s because I ‘did not overwork my brain’, but despite my carefully protecting of my ‘brain’, I was spotted a few strand of white hair just after having my hair dyed recently for my wedding!!!

Ok, stop whining!

I had tried using self-coloring hair dye a couple of times before I stopped, due to the reasons:

  • WYSINWYG (what you see is NOT what you get) – a lot of times, due to our hair natural color, the color seen on the box usually turned up quite different from what’s end up on your head. I’m not particular about the color… except when it turn out to be disaster.
  • Messy handling of the hair color… I would use 15 minutes just to “set up”, and after the hair dying process, another 30 minutes to wash-up/clean-up the mess,
  • Was told by quite a few hair dresser that the self coloring dye will damage the hair if not managed properly.

Recently I was tempted to try out the self-coloring hair dye again since I am still suffering from my financial damage from our wedding. So you can imagine how I feel when I know I will be given the opportunity to do a product review on CIELO Cream Hair color. 🙂

Law of attraction! Able to do product review of CIELO just when I was whining to G about my white hair


See what’s within the CIELO hassle-free home dye kit

Using CIELO Cream Hair color is as easy as 1,2,3.

  • Step 1. Just press the button and apply the two color creams directly onto our specially designed comb.
    The secret behind the ‘hassle-free’ of CIELO, no mixing of color and developer required.
  • Step 2: Comb the color cream into your hair and leave for 15 minutes.
    With the help of the special comb brush, it enables easy application even along difficult hairline and roots. The non-drip cream stays on roots and hairline, This makes CIELO give us the perfect gray coverage.
  • Step 3: Rinse out and wash your hair with shampoo.

Just 3 steps and your white hair will be gone!

Before…. pardon my ugly white hair on top of the growing black root
After…. pardon my oily scalp, but the white hair are gone!!

One good thing I like about CIELO is that it allows multiple applications for touch up – the remainder can be kept for the next application. ^_^ (So far all the self coloring hair dye I had used only allow single application)

It allow multiple application!

I like the fact that despite the hair color is ammonia-free, the color “sink” into my hair easily (I ever had bad experience having need to dye twice at hair salon in order to get the color “sink” in). Not sure if is my own imagination or what, I still smell a faint sense of ammonia for a few seconds when I was applying the color, but it vanish shortly. 

What amused me is that, after dying my hair with the hair color, my hair become almost ‘pure black’ instead of my expected ‘brown’, so if you still want some ‘brown’ in your hair, you might like to consider something not so ‘dark’ (I blame it for my own wrong choice of color, I thought that my previously red hair color will affect the darkness of color thus I just choose the darkest brown – Darkest Pure Brown 6P).

In case you are ‘blur like sotong’ like me, I had been struggling for quite a while with the JAPANESE instruction INSIDE THE BOX to fully confirm I understand what are the steps before I proceed (KIASU me!)… and after the whole process, I realised there is a piece of folded paper containing the ENGLISH instruction “hidden” in a small pocket at the outer sleeve of the box =.=” 
Not as if it is very difficult to use, but I just feel silly for not finding it earlier.

Also, although initially I was worry that one bottle is not enough for my ‘long hair’, I actually still managed to save a little bit for next application, cleaning up is a breeze and my bathroom managed to remain ‘hair color-free’. 🙂

Good news for those who are eager to try out, or already been a loyal supporter for the Hair color, you can now get 2 boxes of CIELO Cream Hair color for the price of SGD$28 instead of usual price @ $35.80 from leading Pharmacies and Supermarkets.

To learn more about the product, you can visit the website at

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  1. It contains Ammonium Hydroxide which i think is the ammonia

  2. OIC. Just did a quick check and it's very dilution portion of ammonia. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Natalie Ong says:

    I use Ceilo for grey hair. I like my result color to be not so dark. my first time I used dark pure brown (5P). too dark for me . 2nd time use natural brown(4P). still dark for me. May I ask how to select light brown. What is 4M or 4A….. or 3….
    which one is lighter than natural brown.

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