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AO&N Little Innoscents Mineral Powder

As mentioned in my previous post, I had received a fair bit of products from my “360 Care Package” from AO&N – Thanks to TIN!~
I am deeply impressed with AO&N’s wide range of organic and natural products.

Today, let me do a short review on one of the products which I find it very interesting – Little Innoscents Mineral Powder (organic baby mineral powder).

Let’s do a simple comparison on what the two brands of baby powder in my home –
Brand X and Little Innoscents Mineral Powder.

Of course I am too old to be a baby, but I like baby powder, love it’s soft and gentle texture on my skin. I have dry sensitive and I get irritates by the hot weather in Singapore – some people might observed I had a couple of small scars on my hands, those are.. hmmm… caused by my own scratching. T_T

Back to the powder, why is it so special?

It have this faint scent of Spearmint which I don’t remember is common for other baby powder (instead I was reminded of the smell of chewing gum), heard it contains Lavender essential oil too but I didn’t really smell that.

First impression with it is: eeeeeehhh…. why is it so rough?

Left: Brand X baby power have a real fine texture
Right: Little Innoscents Mineral Powder baby power obviously have a rougher texture

Have to admit that initially, I am skeptical of using this ‘rough powder’ as a baby power (or even for kids!) …

Top: Simply give the hands with a few rubs and almost all of Brand X baby power will be gone
Down: Little Innoscents Mineral Powder baby power left behind a residue despite trying to pat them off

The powder, during application , feel notably soft and (is it my imagination?) have a bit of cooling effects. 🙂 After a hot day, I still find my body feeling moisturised and not itchy (due to the dryness)! What a pleasant surprise! Now I am convinced that I do find it suitable to be used for kids and baby – knowing how they get heat rashes easily, they certainly deserved something that keeps their skin moisturised, especially under Singapore hot Sun!


The weather is too hot for YOU to go out shopping?
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Share with me your feedback on the products yah! 🙂

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