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Now, for me happiness means healthy life

Now, for me happiness means healthy life. In the past happy means money life.

Above statement is not written by me. It’s extracted from an email from an old pal to me.
We sort of lost touch for quite some time, this might explain why I was so shock when I received his call from oversea last year end, and sharing with me some updates in his life.

Unfortunately, currently he is not in his best health at the moment, and the people around him, and he himself is still struggling to adapt to the new changes in their life. Since I didn’t get his permission, I shall not reveal more details regarding his personal story.

However, his story did remind me of something…

  • Why did I choose to go NZ for that few months?
  • Why did I choose to come back?
  • Why did I choose my current job?
  • What did I want to achieve when I went over to NZ?
  • What makes me come back?
  • What did I tell myself when I decided to land on a job?
  • How far have I been till date?
  • Where do I want to go on from here, from now?
  • How do I feel now?
  • Does what I bothered so much currently still weigh anything if one day my health fails?
  • Am I prepare to sacrifice for my love ones if one day one of their health fails?
  • How should I prepare myself in time of such “personal crisis”?
  • What will makes me happy now?
  • How can I keep myself happy in future?
  • How do I stop blaming others if I do not feel happy of the circumstance?

I remembered I ever watched a Hong Kong movie and there’s such a quote:
In case you do not understand Chinese, my humble direct translation for it is “The sad thing about life is that no one can through it all over again; the good thing, no one needs to go through it all over again”

p/s: Wish he will recover soon, and his love ones and him be strong to stand through all the difficulties in life

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  1. Hope your friend gets well soon….

  2. 🙂 Thanks on his behalf 🙂

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